Inktouch: Offering Customized Online Printing Services with RFQ & Virtual Tool Platform

  Leejo Joseph,   CEO & Head - Product Development

Leejo Joseph

CEO & Head - Product Development

Digital is changing the way we experience things. Printing, which still is dominated by analogue printing and traditional printing technologies in India, is undergoing a sea change with the intervention of digital technologies. Online printing is correctly making inroads with IoT and digitalization, which is providing advantages like better & faster output at a much cost effective price point. An aggregator and booking platform for printing and designing services, and credited with many firsts in the industry is Kochi-based Inktouch.

Credited with being the world’s first online marketplace providing both printing & designing services online, first platform to introduce a virtual design tool within the platform and first platform to introduce RFQ system of ordering in the online print industry, Inktouch is changing the dynamics of printing in India. “We provide every kind of printed products across five main categories – branded office suppliers, marketing collaterals, books & publications, package & labels, and indoor & outdoor branding,” asserts Leejo Joseph, CTO & Head - Product Development, Inktouch.

Strategic Approach to Online Printing
Established in 2017, this ISO 192647 company puts immense emphasis on
delivering quality printed products to its clients at the lowest possible cost without compromising on the expected delivery time. Hence it deploys two broad classifications of all products it provides – high lead time products and low lead time products. Under its low lead time products, such as branded stationaries, promo gifts, and marketing collaterals, it employs pool and print option to combine multiple orders in one setting, thereby reducing the overall cost of production and passing the cost savings to clients. For high lead time products like books & publications, packaging and indoor-outdoor brandings, Inktouch employs the unique RFQ that allows it to provide the best prices in market to execute clients’ projects. Each client enquiry is forwarded to a network of eligible vendors selected through a unique algorithm to provide the required quality and reduce the cost and speed of delivery, who then provides their lowest quote. “We then notify the client the best quotes received, and once accepted, we guarantee the execution for the terms of the deal,” explains Vijay Kumar, General Manager (Marketing &
Operations), Inktouch.

This ISO 192647 company puts immense emphasis on delivering quality printed products to its clients at the lowest possible cost without compromising on the expected delivery time

Apart from RFQ module, the company deploys advanced search option – simple search options for users like purpose, model category and others, and advanced tool tips that guide even the first time users to order with ease using pictorial and video explanation of various printing processes. Further, the design proofing system is a comprehensive proofing tool created by Inktouch that allows users to virtually interact with the designer and see the design changes in real time, while DAM module allows the corporate and business clients to reuse the printed files or designs for a different project. This module even allows users to store their brand assets and frequent files within their accounts in the website.

Going beyond the conventional, Inktouch provides a book consisting of all available paper (paper sachets) with different thickness to enable clients to have a real experience of ordering their prints by seeing and feeling the papers to be used for printing, all at free of cost. No wonder the company has served a large number of clients from across industry segments including Seematti, Josco, Zomato, Dr. Anands, Harley Davidson, South Indian Bank, Loreal, Cabridge, Dubai Marketing, and many more.