InnerBeing: Creating Innovative Products from Classic Ingredients

Chandra Sekhar Jadhav ,Co-founder & CEO

Chandra Sekhar Jadhav

Co-founder & CEO

Right now, transparency is the leading trend that is driving the changes in the Food & Beverage Industry. consumers are looking for brands that share transparency to the product, as well as reflect their own personal values. So, the ideology of wellness is based on the core belief of the preventive approach to lifestyle. To change health behaviors with nutraceutical ideology, InnerBeing, headquartered in Hyderabad, aims to not only provide nourishing food but also educate consumers to make better choices in every aspect. The company develops innovative wellness products and motivates people to live healthy lives, without fear.

“InnerBeing is a nutrition food company, focusing on ancient grains like millets, and converting it into value added products. We believe holistic wellness is best achieved through a preventive approach to our lifestyles. Our confidence in achieving this comes from the fact that we are research driven and science based. We strive for excellence through quality and consistency, pure natural ingredients free of chemicals or synthetics”, explained Chandra Sekhar Jadhav, Co-founder & CEO, InnerBeing.

Versatile Natural Product Range
Health and Wellness is the factor that has been bringing fundamental changes in food
and beverages worldwide. InnerBeing not only foresees this trend to continue, but also gain momentum. InnerBeing’s intension is to help people to improve overall health habits. As a nutrition food company, Inner Being provides products made up of aged grains like millets, bajara, which are rich in nutrients and help consumers to maintain their healthy life. InnerBeing chose Millets as their main ingredient because it is gluten free, high in fiber & protein, and retains all the micro nutrients for the consumer. Cultivated as dual purpose crops, millets contribute to the economic efficiency of farming and provide food and livelihood to millions of house holds. Millets also helps reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

The company develops innovative wellness products and motivates people to live healthy lives, without fear

However, providing therapeutic nutrition comes with lots of challenges. Firstly, it’s a popular belief that healthy food is not tasty. To prove this interpretation wrong, the company introduced ready-to-eat products and also took the chefs onboard. These chefs are from reputed hotels like ITC, Taj Group, Lemon Tree, who have included the products in their menu to provide a healthy breakfast. Not only seniors, but youngsters too are health conscious. Therefore, InnerBeing has introduced products such as pancake mix and pizza base (without maida) to provide the best choice for every age group. Also, the company is working closely with the National Institute of Food Technology Management in order to avoid any compromise with quality and innovation. Further, the company is adopting different strategies for market innovation such as retail, hospital dietitian and nutritionist and online
source to provide healthy food.

Founded in 2014, InnerBeing takes health and nutrition as its prime objective and to maintain this, the company is associated with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Also, InnerBeing is closely working with FPOs (Farmers Producing Organizations)in Telangana, parts of Karnataka, and parts of Maharashtra. Moreover, in the near future, InnerBeing is targeting ten other markets in India and also reaching out in Dubai, Singapore, UK, and the US markets. InnerBeing believes in inner awareness for a positive outer effect and therefore the company focuses on nourishment of the body, as well as the mind for everyone.