Instor: A Trusted Name For Retail Store Fixtures & Specialized Solutions In India

Consumer demand has set off exponential rise in the retail industry in the past decade. India has seen a steady growth in the demand for daily utility items and groceries over the past decade, thus resulting in the increase in the number of retail store outlets across all the cities in the country. Therefore, the demand for space utilizations & store fixtures have also ballooned as retail brands strive to offer the best customer experience.

Founded in the year 2011, Instor by Kider India Pvt. Ltd. offers the widest range of standard and customized retail store fixtures and specialized solutions. The firm provides the best wall and floor space utilization designs, with certified durability, competitive pricing, and modern aesthetics. Talking about retail industry and market expectations Ms. Ritika Mehta, Director, Instor by Kider India, highlights, “The Indian retail industry has always been an unorganised, fragmented, ever evolving, and fiercely competitive market. Whether it is a retail store owner or a retail store chain, they all fight for customers' minds and wallet share.

In most cases, a client always asks for increased per square feet sales and the highest ROI. Customers often struggle with suitable designs and space utilization. Our experienced design team works closely with our clients for highly personalised solutions to deliver modern designs, durable and quality products, optimum space utilization, increased per square feet sales, and the highest ROI.”

Revolutionizing Retail Store Fixtures
With their headquarters in Pune (Maharashtra), Instor caters to the unique needs and formats of a variety of retail stores in India and global markets. They boast an illustrious repertoire of 10,000+ happy customers, 8000+ uniquely designed stores, and 10,000,000 square ft. of retail space covered with Instor products, as well as 80,000+ products across various segments and industries.

Going by the slogan “Make in India, Make for India and the World”, Instor pays significant attention towards their R&D and provides a
one-stop solution for all retail fixtures providing warranty and on-site care. Over the years, Instor has diversified its product categories ranging from Fire and Steel doors, to Display, Storage and Movement Solutions. Instor caters to various market segments like supermarkets, hypermarkets, general stores, pharmacy, sports and fitness, among others.

 Ritika Mehta,    Director

An immense amount of focus is given to R&D with approximately “100+ crore investments in a state-of-the-art facility, R&D innovations, processes, and a leadership team of experts that work continuously to track the disruptions happening in the industry” as per Ms. Ritika Mehta. Their recent innovation, “Wooden Finishing Metal Fixtures”, besides adding the aesthetic touch, has been introduced to replace the demand for wooden retail fixtures with metal fixtures. This range also offers other benefits like low maintenance and repair costs, higher durability and load-bearing capacity, water-resistant quality, higher life span and most importantly it is environment friendly.

Going by the slogan “Make in India, Make for India And the World”, Instor pays significant attention Towards their R&D and provides a one-stop Solution for all retail fixtures providing warranty And onsite care

Journey So Far & The Road Ahead
Instor has 10,000+ happy customers across India and they also export to US, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia. They even have big brands like D-Mart, Patanjali, Decathlon, Aditya Birla Group, etc as long-term clients who utlize their retail store display solutions.

Director Ritika concludes, “Currently, Instor has a presence across all major cities across India. Our next goal is to deliver our products & services in all Tier-2, Tier- 3, and rural peripheries, as that is where the next wave of growth is being witnessed in terms of retail expansions, and in the next 2-3 years we are eying to increase the market share and tap into new markets globally.”