Jireh Technologies: Restoring the Heritage with Latest Waterproofing Treatments

Joy Titus,CEO
Joy Titus, CEO

Thanks to Industrialization, edifices coupled with latest waterproofing treatments are being erected regularly. On the flipside, tragically due to lack of maintenance and ravages of weather, the hoary structures are flagging. In fact, our tourism icon, Taj Mahal is looking pale & sick.It's 'Royal Gate' through which the emperor Shahjahan used to enter, is leaking torrents of water, and its red sandstone is blemishing due to the corrosion caused by rainwater. Their structural stability is at stake, and they are in dire need of extensive repairs.

Identifying this market desideratum, Jireh Technologies is offering effective waterproofing treatment for such forgotten structures to enhance their lifespans, and prevent their deterioration. “Instead of embarking on new projects, we undertake leftover projects as challenging basis to address our client's water seepage problems,”asserts, Jireh Technologies.

Jireh Technologies recalls when 95 years old monument building Tower of SB College(Changanacherry, Kerala) was flagging due to water seepage. The whole tower got damaged, Jireh completely
refurbished it with its proficient waterproofing treatments without altering its original structure. Mirroring this, Jireh has addressed the water seepage dilemma of sundry structures that include St. Martha’s Hospital, ABB,CAE, RMZ, DC Auto Parts, Kirloskar and Marla in Bangalore, and TPM Church(Chennai), Sherghar (Mumbai),& many more.

"Instead of embarking on new projects, we undertake leftover projects as challenging basis to address our client’s water seepage problems"

Superlative Quality
The entire ethos of this award-winning company is grounded on quality commitment, which makes it accountable to render best-in-class services with on-time delivery assurance, and warranty. These aforementioned factors are easily delivered by Jireh’s highly-experienced team known for their polite dealing, time punctuality and labour management. “We send our client list along with quotation to the customer for cross verification of our services, punctuality, quality & cleanness.”

This ISO: 9001-2015 certified Company uses world-class imported organic and chemical compounds to solve the water ooze problems. Jireh offers Epoxy floor coating for industrial jointless flooring purpose,we do thermal insulation coating for thermal variation avoid heat from top most slab/terrace, we do Expansion joint systems for large and two different structures against expansion and contraction of the roof system and the deck itself. Moreover, while its expansion joint sealing and crack filling waterproofing treatments are anti-fungus, Jireh's waterproofing
treatments for roof sheet structure, basement leakage and slope terrace with clay tiles surface offers many advantages over the conventional method of tile fixing like better bond and adhesion. Going an extra mile, Jireh offers anti-corrosion products for steel reinforcement protection and other ferrous metals.

Waterproofing Structure's Every Corner
Also offering waterproofing services for new buildings(domestic and industrial),Jireh delivers a full range of world-class waterproofing systems for internal areas including bathrooms, shower recesses, laundries and toilets. And the external area extends to roofs, planter boxes, terrace, water tanks, podiums, balconies, retaining walls and swimming pools. “Our services also include basement work of the residential and commercial building for seepage from the walls and water oozing from the floor,”

This 1996-founded company in Bangalore spreaded to Borivile (Mumbai)& Ernakulum(Kerala),and later diversified to Mangalore. Thanks to this expansion, Jireh' revenue is growing at a whopping rate of 15 percent annually and is accelerating towards yet another growth curve. Apart from waterproofing, Jireh is also one of the leading Contracting and Engineering of Erection commissioning of Structural fabrication, Mechanical and Electrical works in Karnataka, Kerala & TN,for hydroelectric power generating stations,& other industrial units.