Kaya Blenders & Distillers: The Fast Growing SME Liquor Company

Karun Kaura,  CMDIndia is the third-largest & fastest-growing liquor market in the world and expected to reach Rs.5.3 trillion by 2026 (Research and Markets). From micro breweries to alcohol delivery apps, there is no shortage of startups that are looking to cash in on the lucrative liquor market. But majority of startups fail to manufacture entire brands of liquor and attain scale and PAN India presence. But not Kaya Blenders & Distillers Limited. The 2016 founded company not only develops complete range of IMFL, but also upholds strong distribution channels across PAN India and has license to perform business across 15 states of the country. “For those who desire for unmatched quality with a perfect blend of just the right taste and complete purity, Kaya with its wide range of liquor brands is the ideal choice.

Our Excellency in blending and unique marketing and expansion strategy differentiates us from our competitors,” asserts Karun Kaura,

Chief Managing Director, Kaya Blenders & Distillers Limited. Kaya Blenders & Distillers covers manufacturing, marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages and works with the vision of innovation in product development and marketing offresh and unique blends of finest liquors. It produces premium quality and authentic liquors and spirits using the finest malts and alcohol to please the palates as well as the senses of liquor and spirit lovers. Today consumers prefer new and home-grown brands and thus Kaya Blenders & Distillers leverages its entire portfolio of alcohol beverages (Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Brandy and Beer) under IMFL brands such as Royal Patiala, Old Professor, Ministers Reserve, Red & Black Rare Whisky, Soldiers Pride and SuperB Vodka. Apart from this, the company has tie-up with famous global brands like Moller and Vitalsberg. Presently, Kaya is one of the most popular brands in the local and international Liquor trade market with sufficiently stocked spirits and proliferating network of distributors that has also ascertained brand presence across India.

Benefiting Partners
With Kaya Blenders & Distillers, partners /investors enjoy the double benefits of profitable returns (24-30 percent) and zero percent risk on their investment. They are freed from the burden of various operational, marketing and promotional expenses where as a fixed margin on EDP is paid to the
distributor and the company takes cares of complete labels, licenses and other excises, norms & compliance along with market credit. Its in-house dedicated team of experts ensures all the government regulatory compliances, legal formalities and permissions are fulfilled before operating in any states. Emphasizing on customer’s safety, Kaya Blenders & Distillers appoints an exclusive centralized quality control team, which inspects all the ingredients procured for the manufacturing of the products, thereby guaranteeing the uniformity in the blends at all manufacturing units and components purchased are of the best quality.

Alongside, Kaya Blenders & Distillers’ international and national blenders bring in the best quality standard according to the taste and pallets of the Indian consumers. Thus, the finish blends are of international quality while maintaining the taste preferences of local end consumers. Due to strong R&D targeting to improve the quality and the taste of the blends, Kaya Blenders & Distillers’ alcoholic beverages have acquired international acclaim in short span of time. In the coming future, it endeavors to launch distinct hybrid products and enter the club of Rs.500 crore. “Targets only two percent of the total market share to settle our brands in the industry and in case of good marketing and rebates, we can go up-to five percent of the total market,” concludes Karun.