KBK Chem Engineering: Marching towards a Greener Planet

  Mr. Vijendra Singh,  Managing Director

Mr. Vijendra Singh

Managing Director

Global warming and climate change are the hot topics of the day. Delegates at international conferences have been debating ways of controlling carbon emissions. Many countries have pledged to contain environmental pollution to the minimum. India has conveyed to the international community that it plans to control emissions to net-zero levels by 2070. In India, vehicle emission is an important cause of environmental pollution, and the government encourages the use of hybrid fuels and electric vehicles to combat the exigency. Ethanol is a green fuel and a blend of petrol and a permissible quantity of ethanol has a positive effect on the environment. One of the major players in the ethanol market is KBK Chem Engineering.

Established in 1997 and headquartered in Pune, KBK Chem Engineering is a technology and turnkey solutions provider to a range of industries, with the ethanol industry being one of the chief beneficiaries. Vijendra Singh (Managing Director), Bhupendra Mishra and R. Ramesh(both Vice Presidents of the company) are the key management personnel. KBK Chem engineering has excellent manufacturing facilities for fabricating equipments for distilleries, is specialized in project engineering and executing turnkey projects for distilleries, and

has an R&D wing for developing new applications and futuristic technologies. KBK Chem Engineering is one of the group companies of Renuka Sugars, Mumbai..

KBK Chem Engineering is a well-established player and one of the foremost technology and EPC providers to bio-ethanol, brewery, sugar, power, edible oil, chemical processing, and co-generation plants. The company also provides water and wastewater solutions. Distilleries are one of the major beneficiaries of KBK Chem’s expertise. The company has pioneered the use of multiple feedstocks such as grains, molasses, sugarcane, sugar beet, grain, and sweet sorghum in the production of ethanol. The company has executed several projects in India, Brazil, Philippines, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Kbk Chem Transacts With Major Companies Such As Shree Renuka Sugars, Adani Wilmar, Gmr, Hpcl

Turnkey– A Comprehensive Solution
KBK Chem’s products and services comprise the fabrication of fermentation distillation, dehydration, evaporation, composting, water management, power, and biogas recovery plants. KBK Chem undertakes EPC(engineering, procurement and construction)contracts, shouldering the entire responsibility of the planning, designing, procurement, fabrication, erection commissioning, and testing of projects. The company adheres to local and global standards and practices while executing project management and integration services. The comprehensive approach ensures that projects are cost effective and top-notch. KBK Chem provides excellent after-sales service and also trains the client’s manpower in site operation. Although turnkey projects are commonplace, KBK Chem pioneered the EPC concept in the ethanol industry and has nearly 21 projects to its credit since 2008-2009.

Innovation is the strength of KBK Chem Engineering. It utilizes the KSuper Continuous fermentation process, a technique superior to the batch fermentation approach. Using customized design engineering techniques, K-super and K-mas, KBK Chem has made cane-based distilleries energy efficient. This innovative technique of KBK Chem is its unique selling proposition. The unique features of KBK’s solutions such as innovative design, engineering and management, and exceptional post-sales support helped its clients in Indonesia and India reduce power consumption and save significantly on operational costs.