Knot9: Capturing and Reserving Videos of Indian Context

Vishesh Bajaj,DirectorSome fractions of a film could be difficult to capture due to unavailability or lack of proper resources. Stock videos are a relief in such situations to those usually get stuck from accomplishing a sequence in the video. Having noticed the lack of Indian stock videos, SoulCurry shaped Knot9, a platform for Indian stock videos for individuals and advertising agencies who experience this difficulty. SoulCurry, a video production company based out of Faridabad, Haryana, is the parent organization to the platform

Knot9, founded in 2017, is the answer of SoulCurry for people who generally flock to foreign websites to purchase Indian stock videos. Stock videos with Indian ambiences are hard to find as well as costly to buy. The platform compiles various videos shot in Indian scene and settings, using Indian models. As digital media platforms are growing, people no longer choose low shelf life content. By allotting subscription packages, Knot9 has managed to keep the price low for video contents without compromising on its quality. Being a self
service platform, Knot9 has assembled custom stock
videos for people looking for a particular type of theme or subject. The platform bears footages of rural life, arts and crafts, local skills, pottery making, and fabric works of Rajasthan, categorized under the theme Truly Desi. Other themes include People, Food, Technology, Festival, and Finance, amongst which Festival theme is considered as the most famous and demanding. Keeping updated with the local and international trends in video production, SoulCurry always maintain a strong communication with the customers to learn about their expectations about the genre and duration of the video. Right now, most of the content produced by Knot9 is of 4K resolution, since it is likely to become the standard format for the industry in the near future. “By using the latest cameras and editing software, we try to render the best quality product. We have created an in-house production management system for a seamless video production business. All stake holders including cinematographer, camera person, director, scriptwriter or content writer, can login to the production management system and complete their task”, explains Vishesh Bajaj, Director, SoulCurry. This has enabled the team of SoulCurry to create videos at scale and cost efficient.

By allotting subscription packages, Knot9 has managed to keep the price low for video contents without compromising on its quality

Vishesh Bajaj was working with TCS’s consulting department before laying the foundation for SoulCurry. With talents of the company having expertise in technology management, and video production, it serves to the strong indepth knowledge about the industry in terms of producing quality content at scalable level. Lalit Shandilya, CTO, SoulCurry, was one of the first employees who have been working with the company for last 13 years, and people such as Mihir Thakur, Full Stack Developer, Lily Singh, Head- Production Department and Gurnain Singh, Post- Production Lead, are among others who constitute the backbone of the company. Having an approximate of 5000 stock videos as of now Knot9 foresees to accommodate 60,000 stock videos within the next two years in its platform.