L'eauPure Water Solutions: Where Mineral-Rich Water Deems Purity with Every Sip

Siddanagouda Neelagiri,
Sales & Marketing Manager

Nearly 70 percent of India’s surface water resources and a growing percent of its underground water reserves are suffused with organic/inorganic pollutants throttled with toxic contaminants. As a result, purifying water took on a trend to eliminate these pollutants and the purification process was lost into overstating its purity, thereby loosing the core minerals that define water’s distinct nature. However, discerning the need to rightfully restore these minerals, L’eauPure Water Solutions was established in 2012, armed with precise sagacity to design filters that naturally produce pH-balanced alkaline water instead of electronically. The company’s exceptional NF-filter reduces TDS levels to 40 percent, conserving the water’s essential minerals and retaining its mono-elements.

Siddanagouda Neelagiri,Sales & Marketing Manager

Considering therapeutic benefits of alkaline water in the prevention of cancer, diabetes and other degenerative diseases, the company strives to provide water purification solutions that would prevent health issues. Based on pristine water quality with a futuristic orientation, L’eauPure further utilizes NSF certified RO membrane to proffer FDA approved water quality standards along with CE-certified RO Booster
pumps and SMPS (2.5 AMPS) with Voltage stabilizers. Thriving at being the only provider of both pH & TDS (total dissolved solids) modulators in a single water-purifying unit in India, L’eauPure proffers customized products determined by the water quality preference of customers. Moreover, as opposed to RO/distilled water, where 99 percent of minerals are exhausted, L’eauPure’s water purifier guarantees the sustenance of an uncompromised quality.

"L'eaupure proffers water-softeners and enzyme-based water treatments to correct sources of water, thereby giving permanent solutions for consuming healthy, drinkable water"

The company pioneers’ manufacturing 16-stage purifier systems with critically-examined SS UV chambers, ceramic ball-filters (reduces 50 percentof water hardness and 100 percent chorine) with additional carbon filters. L’eauPure further uses original Biocera Alkaline filters for increasing the pH levels and reducing the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) levels in water. With a critical eye for excellence, the company utilizes food-grade ABS plastic that plays 'leak-cum-insect proof/preserver'. With its silver nano-technology replacing UV/UF post-RO water treatments to stop bacterial growth, L’eauPure also sells water ionizers (titanium plates 5-13 plates model) that enrich water alkaline content.

As experts striding leadership in producing pH-balanced alkaline water-quality, L’eaupure goes the extra miles to proffer water-softeners and enzyme-based
water treatments to correct sources of water, thereby giving permanent solutions for consuming healthy, drinkable water. As quality precedes all else, right from the purifier’s external body to every minute screw, every part of the purifier is tested and checked before being dispatched to you. This system of L’eauPure has captured significant customer attention who by word-of-mouth reference enhances the company’s repute.

Le succes via Customer Referrals
With ISO-certified products ranging from Rs.3,500-21,990, L’eauPure’s exclusive products include NF+UV (for less than 600 TDS) and 14-16 stage alkaline water purifiers (retains best PH level in water). Furthermore, serving over 10,000 customers across India, the company spreads wings beyond domestic products and provides commercial water purifiers in rural are as with coin/card wending-machine systems(25 LPH RO plants to 5000 LPH RO plants), apart from taking care of RO plant setup as per ISI norms. With a three-year free service and a 12-month warranty for its products in Bangalore, the company offers a one-year warranty on electrical parts and a six-month warranty for consumables for its products for rest of India.

The company's success is proliferating by word-of-mouth referrals and tie-up with e-Commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon, apart from its own e-Commerce portal in association with ship rocket to offer better service delivery. Earning almost over Rs.2 crore turnover, the company looks-out to wider prospects on the horizon.