La Pizza Treno: Treating People with Pizzas Delivered by a Mechanized Toy-Train

Eating out being a sensory experience, serving delightful platter is not enough; it needs a tasteful ambiance to enjoy the served delicacy. Pizza being a casual dining item demands a relaxed atmosphere, more than a usual elegance expected in a family restaurant. Keeping in mind that civilians today would love a travel experience in dining, La pizza Treno is the first train themed restaurant chain in India which serves pizza delivered by an overhead toy train. Adding a savvy touch to the joy ride, the restaurants interior mimics the appeal of a luxury European train, with state-of-the-art stimulations to bring about a real-time experience for the customers.

“It took six months to brainstorm the idea,” says Nirav Patel, CTO & Co-Founder, La pizza Treno. To fit the unique concept within a real-time setting, as an electronics engineer, Nirav combined his technical expertise with Manish Patel’s (Co-Founder & CEO) experience in hotel and tourism management to kick-start their dream project, while Dhaval Patel(Co-Founder & CFO)added-up the international standard and uniqueness to the idea and completed the creation of La Pizza Treno. Manish states, “We guarantee an experience that will be imprinted in your heart and a taste that will savor your tongue”. At La Pizza Treno, one can expect a fixed price casual dining at moderate to average expenditures and quick service, which definitely contributes to its increasing popularity.

Exotic Fusion Foods
A pizzeria located in the heart of food city ‘Baroda’ calls for exotic delicacies to create an adorable and exciting experience for ‘Barodians’ taste buds. So, apart from serving pizzas, La Pizza Treno has 42 other food items in its fusion menu and is the first to introduce Pizza Cone to Western India. Keeping higher & middle class consumers in mind, it has fixed price unlimited meal schemes.

The unlimited fusion meals consists of 11 different chaats, five varieties of Punjabi Indian Dishes, 17 types of salads, two types of Cheesy Garlic Bread, two types of Panini Sandwiches, soups, pastas, cold drinks and desserts. Dhaval states, “This unlimited menu attracts all three generations of family, from children to youngsters to senior citizens”.

Manish Patel, Co-Founder & CEO,Nirav Patel, Co-Founder & CTO Dhaval Patel, Co-Founder & CFO

For those who want to relish their meals at home or office, it has tied up with Zomato, Swiggy, Uber and other local delivery partners as well to reach out to maximum customers. Food safety being the frontline custom of La Pizza Treno, every staff is trained with proper food safety protocols and is rapidly integrating new tech solutions in regular work chores to ensure safety on the go. For better practices, it is preparing to apply for ISO (22000) certification in the coming years.

We guarantee an experience that will be imprinted in your heart and a taste that will savor your tongue

La Pizza Treno is constantly modifying its offerings as per the regular customer feedbacks. Its experienced team is at its best to constantly engage in experiments with various recipes to introduce more items. La Pizza Treno has established itself as premium pizza station where people can come not only for food, but for an experience. Since the inception of La Pizza Treno, the food industry has faced an absolute explosion of diversity in both restaurant concepts and menu choices. Riding every tide of the changing dynamics, it is growing by 15 percent every year. Dhaval concludes, “Having a branch in Surat, we are opening 10 franchises by next year and targeting 100 franchises over the five years of period.”