Laziz Pizza: Serving Delectable Pizzas for the Desi Hearts

In the late 90s, when Indian economic liberation was at its full swing riding the wave of neo trend of westernization, Pizza waded along with a great American dream straight into our desi hearts. Wondering why? There are some fundamental reasons which popularized pizza in India over any other pies. Thanks to its resemblance to the Indian round flatbread (roti) and being the most pliable vegetarian option which crazed the Indians to crave for a cheesy bite. When most international pizza brands are busy serving the metros, ambitious Indian industrialists took over the tier II and tier III routes which are bereft of from enjoying such scrumptious delight. Eying the possible space of market expansion, Keirron J Patil, a business veteran & an entrepreneur with his love for food industry, started his first venture Laziz Pizza at Kolhapur in 2013. Keirron proudly states, “Since its inception, Laziz Pizza has gone from strength to strength and today, the brand has strong business presence across India with 150+ outlets”.

Laziz chain of pizzerias, run by Laziz Food & Beverages, serves pizzas which are uniquely engineered to suite the Indian taste buds and relished by loyal/valuable customers. It has wide variety of the pocket friendly pizzas baked fresh out of oven to go with its tagline, ‘We take some time to make your orders, as your delicious food is freshly prepared’. It offers a wide range of product portfolio like sandwiches, French fries, garlic breads, grilled sandwiches, burgers and beverages to pair up with the pizzas. Despite of the presence of the local
competitors and international chains, its customer-first approach and quality pizzas has resulted in 150+ outlets across India & Nepal, and is recognized as the Best Pizza Outlet Chain of 2018.

Creating Franchise Opportunities
Franchising is the world’s fastest and most lucrative business model.
Laziz pizza is running its franchise model for six years now and has archived a long list of investors and franchisees. New franchisees are offered with two business modules – Kiosk Model and Outlet Model, whichever suites their investment parameter. Further to showcase the brand versatility, based on the branch location and customer needs, the franchisees are free to opt for a Pure Veg Pizzeria as well.

Keirron J Patil,Founder & CEO

“Other than some of the initial challenges, becoming a successful franchisee with Laziz Pizza is not as daunting as it might seem,” states Keirron. Laziz Pizza not only provides a business ownership but backs the franchisers with much needed guidance and support from its central resources. The support tools comprise of startup kits, executive visit at launch, kitchen training, marketing support, operations, supply chain and restaurant development with an initial down payment of Rs.2.5 lakh. “Our motto is to generate business opportunity to people who can be self employed & can create platform of job opportunities to others,” avers Keirron.

Laziz Pizza has gone from strength to strength and today, the brand has strong business presence across India with 150+ outlets

Laziz pizza is coming up with ambitious plans for the future and envisages opening 1000 more Laziz Pizza outlets in India. The firm’s core focus is to look for new possibilities for a brighter future. Currently it is ready with plans to go global and has started with the initial preparations to expand to the countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.