LeakSeal (India): The Cynosure of Waterproofing Contriving Unique, Quality & Tech-Oriented Solutions

Rashid Chauhan,Director
Rashid Chauhan, Director

In past times, waterproofing was labour-intensive process focused on water diversion than prevention, making foundations prone to leaks and drains. Today, however, concrete structures are cemented with waterproofing solutions for effective protection and water loss prevention. Mumbai-based LeakSeal(India)with specialization in innovating effective, durable waterproofing solutions has earned a trusted reputation through quality approach, modern technology application, virtuous modus operandi and core belief in customer satisfaction. The company’s wide-ranging services include waterproofing, structural repairs & rehabilitation, restoration, facade upliftment, elevation works and structural painting which embodies experiential expertise in Residential, Commercial, Industrial,Hotel & Institutional sectors.

Ensconced in 1990, LeakSeal masters waterproofing mechanism and endeavours unique solutions based on problem findings and climatic conditions in different cities through conventional methods like brickbat cobha& non-destructive methods with protective coatings such poly-urethane & poly-urea technology, acrylic, polymeric and cementitious compounds. Along with providing decorative and abrasion resistant coatings for aesthetic designing, it has also diversified into structural repairs, rehabilitation, remodeling and waterproofing of complex
structures. No wonder, the company is laurelled with International Concrete Repair Institute Merit Award 2017and CMD'S KAPS Annual Industrial Safety Award 2006!
" LeakSeal is one-of-its-kind integrator of latest international techniques, developments and innovation that suits local weather conditions and infrastructure "

Sealing Leaks with No Weaks
A proven master for modern technology adaptation, LeakSeal is one-of-its-kind integrator of latest international techniques, developments and innovation that suits local weather conditions and infrastructure. “Our strength lies in our reputation for perfection backed by proven track record, quality, expertise, innovation, workmanship, after sales service, competence, reliability and most importantly commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction substantiated by impressive clientele directory and project completions,” states Riyaz Shaikh, Business Manager, LeakSeal(India).

The strategy deployed involves undertaking extensive time and motion studies for each assignment’s breakdown into measurable time units, skill requirement, standard maintenance, safety measures and many more, followed by end result assessment and assurance. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and machinery(steel scaffolding systems, bamboos, pulleys, mechanical hoists and automatic sieving,to name a few) developed and designed in-house, LeakSeal maintains detailed photography documentation of work progress along with presenting clear evidence and reassurance to clients for project finesse and honest delivery.

Epitomizing every project like an art, Riyaz cites an example saying, “Brickbat waterproofing system done on Terrace is conventional method backed by proven track
record but it is good for newly constructed buildings than old structures that are prone to deterioration”. LeakSeal recommends durable, protective coating like poly-urethane base, acrylic based coatings for former constructions and cement-boxed waterproofing, crsytalline coating for basements and sunken slabs, hence cost & time saving and harmless to surroundings. The company patents quality control and detailed attention as a discipline for attaining consistency and project completion, right from planning and finalizing raw material to final execution. While supervisory staff corroborates highest standards of workforce productivity, the specialized senior engineer bolsters quantitative & quality checks.

Redefining Waterproofing Assistance
LeakSeal has carved a niche by convincing customers through comprehensive surface assessment and providing detailed research findings with appropriate and innovative solutions. Riyaz adds,“At LeakSeal, we always believe that right product has to be selected at right time followed with work done by right and passionate vendor”. The company avails unique customer services wherein field assessment team responds to queries within 24 hours.

Driven by 250+ skilled aficionados, LeakSeal has successfully executed 1000+ building projects for prestigious cognomens like Maker Chamber VI Building, Breach Candy Hospital Building, Apeejay House Building, Tarapur Atomic Power Station, Kakrapur Atomic Power Station and many more. It graphs an annual turnover of Rs.15 crore(50 percent higher than previous growth)and envisions creating landmark and water tight structures bedrocked with solidarity. Evolving into a full-fledged construction company, LeakSeal is presently undertaking small construction projects of villas and apartments in Rajasthan.