Leap Green Energy : One of the Largest Direct to Customer Source for RE Power in India

Dev Anand V,Founder & Executive Director

Dev Anand V

Founder & Executive Director

Triggered by the limited existence of fossil fuel on the earth as well its volatile prices, the renewable energy market is emerging as a thriving sector attracting huge investment opportunities from industry leaders. Growing at a CAGR of 17 percent, the Indian renewable market is envisaging the arrival of various players with a notion to coxswain their brand towards success. One such organization is Leap Green Energy (LGE), that has crafted its prominent identity across the niche domain and managed to develop manifold since its inception.Leap Green has to date raised USD300 million from an Asia fund which was previously managed by JP Morgan Chase and currently The Rohatyn Group. With 751MW of Operational wind assets with a pipeline to breach 1000MW over the next 12months, Leap Green is amongst the largest independent renewable energy platforms in India.

Raising consumer awareness towards Renewable Energy and driving demand in Renewable Power as its objectives, LGE has managed to create a positive impact on organizations by enabling them to show their commitment to renewable energy and empowering consumers to contribute to a better world. With a reputed customer base across the De-Carbonizing industry, Leap Green is one of the largest direct-to-customer sources for RE Power in India. One of the largest players in the scheduled renewable power in India, Leap Green has over 150
customers across various industry sectors with long term contracts. “We have sustained electricity with branding benefits and a high percentage of customer retention of over 94 percent since we own the freehold of all direct-to-customer assets.” states Dev Anand V, Founder & Executive Director, Leap Green Energy.

We are the embodiment of the ideals of security, independence, and excellence. Our fundamental principles influence overall work efficiency and performance in order to generate outcomes that improve our environment and the lives of future generations

Using Real-Time & Predictive Analysis based on Turbine Critical Parameters, real-time Integration, Visualization, Reporting, and instant notifications using integrated SCADA features LGE Show cases Improved performance.
Owing to its operational forecasting and planned maintenance,
the Company has been conferred / won the following
•The winner of the CII Excellence in Performance Award
2021 for Wind Farm Performance.
•LGE has been awarded Technology of the Year in Big Data,
IT & Analytics (Wind)
•Service Provider of the Year across Energy Forecast -
(Wind - 8.5 GW)
•Digital Technology of the Year for Forecasting & Scheduling
(Multi-Model Integrated Forecast System)
•Digital Technology of the Year for Wind Farm Control
Centre by India Wind Energy Forum 2020 Awards.
•ISO certified in 2020

Apart from strengthening its leadership position in the customer space it has plans to be a 5GW player over the next years. LGE’s Vision is to leverage its 10+ years’ experience as one of the leaders in the Renewable Energy space in India by pursuing the opportunities envisioned by the Government of India through SECI auctions/NTPC auctions. “LGE will pursue a three-pronged strategy as enshrined in its Vision Document which includes Scheduled RE power to C&I customers, Scheduled RE power to the Grid and Green EV Charging with 100% Renewables. Leap Green’s visibility amongst various stakeholders in the Industry coupled with its highly skilled and disciplined management team will obviously help achieve its Vision Objectives and will undoubtedly contribute to achieve 5GW by adding at least 1GW per year with LGE’s existing capabilities,” concludes Dev Anand Vijayan.