LEDVANCE: Delivering Conceptual Lighting Solutions

Krishan Sujan,Managing Director

Krishan Sujan

Managing Director

Lighting accounts for 19 percent of all electricity used globally, yet even the simplest of changes a universal switch to LED systems could slash this to 8 percent. Besides, innovations with lighting can introduce a whole new deal of energy savings and lifestyle transformations. With offices in more than 50 countries and business operations in more than 140 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers. Being a leading manufacturer of lamps and luminaires, LEDVANCE offers products covering all kinds of lighting applications under various brands. Rooted in Germany, LEDVANCE has carried a legacy of providing top notch lighting solutions. In India, the firm's offerings include LED Luminaires and Electronic Components under the brand name LEDVANCE and LED as well as traditional lamps under the brand Osram. "We want to define the role of light in the digital age and in people's connected daily lives. Our promise is reflected in the company name our objective is to advance light", says Krishan Sujan, Managing Director, LEDVANCE INDIA.

LEDVANCE's extensive luminaire portfolio covers almost every application, be it residential, office, retail, hospitality, industrial or outdoor from basic to advanced lighting products. To make an impression of the same on its product design, LEDVANCE has
developed a new design language known as `SCALE', which instantly connects with LEDVANCE's brand characters of brightness, confidence and agility. This design hallmark scales consistently across LEDVANCE's entire product portfolio to create coherent, comforting assurance that a product is an original LEDVANCE product that is easy to install and use in any environment. SCALE, winner of German Design Awards 2019, combines ambitious design with tangible value in every product and makes LEDVANCE's luminaires instantly recognizable at first glance.

LEDVANCE offers products covering all kinds of lighting applications under various brands

The Human Oriented Lighting Concept
LEDVANCE lays special focus on one of industry's megatrends Human Centric Lighting. A human oriented lighting concept uses smart controllable LED lighting systems to simulate the characteristics of natural daylight, giving something back to us that we often lack indoors. Field studies show that all age groups can benefit from HCL solutions from students to seniors citizens. The benefits range from supporting people's well being to enhancing activity and concentration levels. Currently, LEDVANCE is working on the market introduction (starting in Europe) of an HCL system. The system consists of an intelligent light switch and wirelessly connected luminaires that will automatically adapt the artificial light to the natural course of daylight based on the location and the time of day.

Even so, in recent past, LEDVANCE has introduced some ‘World First’ in the area of smart lighting and connectivity like Industry First Smart Filament Bulb, World's First Bluetooth Mesh Qualified LED Products, Industry first smart, and multicolor (RBG) LED filament lamp. LEDVANCE is also providing intelligent, networked Smart Home and Smart Building solutions aligned to our country's initiatives with smart city projects. LEDVANCE has also participated with the biggest domestic lighting programme in India, UJALA, thus providing energy efficient and affordable lighting solutions to many in the country.

As of now LEDVANCE's main focus is on strengthening its position as the preferred partner for Project/ Institution business and expanding its reach up to tier 2 cities with a PAN India robust dealer network. With such rigorous focus and drive to bring advance, simple and easy to use, value for money products, LEDVANCE is confident to scale new heights of success in the near future.