Logic Square: Aiding Entrepreneurs to Build & Scale a Successful Business

 Vineet Harbhajanka,    FounderA minimum viable product is a version of a product that has the bare minimum of functionality necessary for it to be usable by early users, who can then offer feedback on how to improve the product in the future. The MVP strategy is predicated on the idea that early adopters can get enough value from a product's modest set of features. Social networking has been at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, with an estimated 3.1 billion internet users. Founded in 2012, Logic Square (LS) has a global presence with branches in the USA and India. Evolving from humble beginnings, today, the firm develops seamless solutions for clients using industry standard online and mobile technologies as well as ongoing research and development.

Offerings that Set Logic Square Apart
Logic Square’s expertise lies in product planning, and building web and mobile app solutions in the least time and cost while maintaining top quality. The firm also offers additional services like design, marketing, testing and maintenance to ensure 360-degree support for clients. Logic Square’s initiatives and ethical practices are derived from its mission to help startups, SMBs and enterprises adapt to new technologies that solve complex problems and participate in the ongoing tech innovation. “Whether it is an app that drives productivity, or provides ease to its users, the end goal is always to have a deep positive impact in the lives of people & organizations that use them”, shares Vineet Harbhajanka, Founder, Logic Square.

LS adheres to the Frugal Engineering tenets. Instead to offering reduced prices, the firm believes in completing tasks with less work and time, understanding that for a startup, time savings are worth far more than a 10-15 percent reduction in development costs. The company accomplishes these results by coming up with creative ways to combine tasks and work on several aspects of a projects in parallel.

Logic Square’s expertise lies in product planning, & building web & mobile app solutions in the least time & cost while maintaining top quality

The firm's transparent approach, ability to connect with clients and audience, real time engagement with connections, and ability to share helpful information and experiences as well as connect with entrepreneurs and help them turn their ideas into reality, are some of the other key factors that have been fuelling the company's growth. LS is able to provide superior customer service and maintain its competitive position in the industry by continuing to train the expanding workforce on the newest trends and technologies.

“We take pride in providing efficient and reliable services to our clients. Ownership is our largest differentiator. We work with select clients and our relationships are almost always long term. We have seldom had a client shift to another development team. The reason is exceptional individual attention, trust and loyalty that we provide”, further adds Vineet. These dedicated services have helped LS to develop a loyal client base with 90 percent of the incoming business coming through referrals by clients who become the firm’s ambassadors.

Future Roadmap
Logic Square has created several partnerships, where six clients have invited LS to be their longterm technology partners in their businesses in the past three years, and it believes that LS will continue to grow through word-of-mouth. Moreover, with a physical presence in Indiana and California while concentrating mostly on the US market at the moment, the company intends to increase its market reach in the near future by entering regions including the UK, Australia, and the Middle East. Additionally, in terms of technology, LS has lately broadened the talent pool with an emphasis on some more contemporary topics like Golang, Rust, and Blockchain, and is trying to develop a deeper understanding of AI and Data Analytics. In order to encourage better customer service, the company is also growing its employees and investing in bigger and better office premises.