LOM Digital: An Agency for the Digital Age

Krittika Marwaha , Founder & Director

Krittika Marwaha

Founder & Director

Krittika Marwaha is the young lady who successfully sells dreams to the world. Admirably, she also holds their hand through the journey of realizing them. A Management postgraduate from Chandigarh University, and there after intense and immersive stints at the top rung of Advertising with the industry giants like Ogilvy & Mather and J Walter Thompson, prepared her to take on the world of marketing communication. But getting lost in a big pond was not her idea of a future. She decided to start on her own when she realized that she wanted to achieve much more with her cache of rich experience and in the process, drastically change the way the industry viewed the client agency relationship.A remarkable professional endeavor for a young individual as her.

Operating from a barsaati, her journey started by winning a major client like Trip Advisor against fierce competition from the established order of Advertising. Eight years on, growing at 200 percent year on year and 4 divisions later, today, Krittika has made a reputation in the Digital communication space.

LOM Digital is Krittika’s brainchild that, with a team of 30 professionals, is focused on delivering impactful digital experiences to the audience. LOM Digital has acquired the reputation of moving away from the conventional to make way for groundbreaking approaches in dealing with Marcom challenges. “We believe that we’ve been able to continuously add value to our
clients through our single minded approach Think Big, Execute Smart. We dig deep enough to unravel the DNA of every brand and wrap it with freshness and innovation and dress it with contemporary industry and market insights. Despite growth that defies gravity, we’ve always remained a start-up at heart that looks at every brief as an opportunity to try and do something differently. And this mindset has always kept us ahead of the curve. In a universe where there’s no end to flourishing advertising agencies, we believe we are the pale blue dot that has made a difference.”

VideosNinja, the video production wing of LOM Digital, delivers consolidated packages at large volumes with inhouse animation, graphics, character artists, content, script and editing teams

As the world moves towards storytelling via video content, LOM Digital has realized that sticking to content is not enough. Thus the firm expanded to 4 divisions that serve clients in Advertising, Digital Communication, Dynamic Video content production and eLearning content development. VideosNinja, the video production wing of LOM Digital, delivers consolidated packages at large volumes with in-house animation, graphics, character artists, content, script and editing teams. In the e-learning content development arena, VideosNinja has partnered with Ernst & Young, Google, Central Square Organization, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Vodafone Idea, Airtel and various Indian governments at a State and a Central level.

One of the top 5 achievements of LOM Digital includes’s Digital India Assignment, through Central Square Foundation. LOM Digital is GOLD partners with Google and YouTube to create fresh, storified video content for rural children of India. The project currently has a reach of 100 million children and is successfully running for the past 2 years. LOM Digital also played a crucial role in the American Express’ ‘Everyday Spend Card’ launch. It was one of the biggest launches in India, where American Express reached out to millennials. It reached over 10 million millennials across India in metros and has been recognized as the most effective launch by American Express in the last 5 years. Apart from this, LOM Digitals clientele include several Blue Chip companies like the Dalmia Group,, of the Infoedge group and many more.

Addressing the young professionals, Krittika concludes, “Focus all your efforts to make the client feel that you work alongside him towards achieving his organization’s set goals, and not just work for him for specific assignments.”