Lyallpur Sweets: Serving Hygiene Foods for Sweet Tooth

Rohit Kharbanda,PartnerProcessed and packaged foods are often accused as a diet saboteur and stigmatized for diabetes. But at the same time, a majority chooses packaged foods to bring balance in their diet by consuming whole-wheat bread, homemade soup or nuts and seeds. Noticing the dire need to serve for the demand and supply requirements of hygienic packaged food products, Lyallpur Sweets, Ludhiana has employed in the manufacture and trade of packaged food products across India. The company laid its foundation stone in 1975 in Ludhiana, Punjab has been zeroed in on the production of sweets flavored in the Indian tradition.

Spreading the flavor of quality
Lyallpur Sweets has been manufacturing and exporting a complete range of Indian sweets of shudh desi ghee, dry salty savories, snacks, and namkeens. Moreover, the company process cookies and eggless bakery products that are popular for everyday use as well as for celebrations and special occasions. Among the bakery products, Lyallpur Sweet’s wholesome and flavorful
Atta biscuit has been the ideal choice for tea time snacks. The arrival of winter marks the production of Gachak, one of the most famous products supplied in various flavors. The special winter sweets are a delicious and a healthy option offered by the company for people with sweet tooth. By providing custom made sweets in wedding box concepts, Lyallpur Sweets also makes special arrangements for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and rituals, hence serves as a treat for the taste buds of consumers. Being engaged constantly on developing new products, the company makes the most of the opportunities available, and tries to delve deep into their requirements, understand the kind of product as well as taste they seek for. The company does not have a go at practices that compromise on the quality and taste which has been its trademark. Over the years, Lyallpur Sweets plunged its other arms on Lyallpur Bakers and Lyallpur Food Industries. Currently, Lyallpur Sweets have two retail outlets in Ludhiana, and has sprinkled the taste of Indian sweet across the seven seas including Canada, US, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. “Using the best quality ingredients we prepare our products with much care and caution in a spic and span working condition”, explains Rohit Kharbanda, Partner, Lyallpur Sweets.

Lyallpur Sweets has been manufacturing and exporting a complete range of Indian sweets of shudh desighee, dry salty savories, snacks, and namkeens

Unlike other brands that cater food products in the categories of sweets, savories or bakery products, Lyallpur Sweets combines every sweet product under its umbrella. Though the competition tightens in the industry, the company has not compromised over the taste and quality to adjust the prices. The strict regulations followed have harvested fruitful results in the consistent performance of the company. For ensuring utmost quality with regard to the processing of the food products and packaging, Lyallpur Sweets has an inhouse laboratory that performs meticulous quality control tests. Considering the increase in demand for healthy products, Lyallpur Sweets has recently opted for automating the manufacture of sweets.