MadFries: Presenting Lip Smacking French Fries with Diverse Toppings & Homemade Sauces

David Manohar,Founder
David Manohar, Founder

The omnipresence of trending fast food chains in India, be it highway, market place or any corners of the street, is making the crowd swarm into it, making them fall for it over & over again. Offering taste of diverse cuisine with colorful toppings & delicious sauces, these fast food chains lure the audience and give them hope to offer more in days to come. Carving-out a niche in the fast food industry with its creativity in French Fires with a diverse range of toppings and homemade sauces, MadFries is India’s first indigenous French Fries QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) to one-of-its-kind experience of fresh skinned potato snack.

Makingthe Crowd Go Mad Over Fries
MadFries is the result of curiosity of Alystair, son of David Manohar (Founder), to try different kinds of fries with flavors of his choice. When David tried making fries from fresh-skinned potatoes with a few homemade sauces, it actually came-out pretty well and everyone
liked it. Today, this Arumbakkam-based fast food chain makes French Fries of 100 percent fresh potatoes, considering all food safety to meet the best quality measures. MadFries comes with a crispy flavor outside and a soft feel inside with a variety of condiments, different toppings (onion, tomato, capsicum, jalapeno, sweet corn, chicken, & paneer) and homemade sauces (Cajun spice, olive & Herbs, American BBQ, Hariyali Tikka, Malai tikka, & Jamaican Jerk) that are secret ingredients, making it a lip-smacking & lovely snack, bringing joy for the taste buds to people across the country. Apart from fries, the company presents a whole range of Mad Shake, i.e., wafer shakes (Kit Kat, Munch, Perk, & Oreo), Chocolate Shake (Dairy Milk & Five Star) and also premium shakes (Snicker, Marks & Bounty). Recently, MadFries introduced wraps and WTF (with the fries) burger to provide customers perfect the combination of fries with your favorites.

"Over a span of less than two years, MadFries has grown to 15 operational outlets across different places in the country"

This fast food chain implements unique 'green' billing system where it doesn’t print copies for bill, but sends SMS or e-receipt to customer’s phone number. Every outlet facilitates customers to review them through the software available. “If there are any negative interviews or discomfort that
customer has faced in any of our outlet, we make sure that it is been acknowledged within a span of 15-20 minutes to ensure the swiftest action is taken to meet the quality standards,” claims David. Going with the saying that ‘Understand what’s important to customers. Speed & availability are universal truths’, the company doesn’t leave any stone unturned to make sure that customers are satisfied and happy and make sure that all resources are streamlined without sacrificing the essentials of the business.

MadFries believes in fun at work and treats whole staff with utmost respect to avoid any kind of discrimination. The work culture sustains employee’s enthusiasm and that is how they are driven to have the best of work atmosphere which speaks of values and their dedication towards accomplishing the goal. No wonder, this has offered MadFries low staff turnover ratings.

Over a span of less than two years, MadFries has grown to 15 operational outlets across different places in the country, i.e., Chennai, Erode, Salem, Coimbatore, Nagpur, and Pune. Enjoying Rs.2 crore revenue growth since its inception, the food chain intends to grow threefold next year and is planning to expand operations PAN Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, & Sri Lanka) and even Europe apart from launching two more brands.