Maruti Lifts: Custom-Made, Technologically Updated & Quality Lift Solutions & Services at Affordable Cost

Sunil Gantayat,Business Head
Sunil Gantayat, Business Head

Rapid Urbanization & Industrialization has led an influx to the growth of mall culture, various infrastructure development and investment in spaces like railway station, airports, subways, and underground markets. This has spurred the demand of lifts and elevators industry to make an impressive growth in near future. Catering to this aspect of the industry, the Bhubaneswar -based Maruti Lifts provides bespoke & custom-made lifts and all related solutions & services that are affordable at cost, best at quality and technologically up-to-date.

Having built a wide network across Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Berhampur, the company delivers meticulously crafted and developed products to customers that are best in the market. Maruti specializes in lifts (Industrial, Hospital, Car, Passenger & Platform, goods & service, Stair, and Home), elevators(autodoor, capsule, Gearless, and automatic), escalators, and moving walkways. Add to it the new hydraulic home lift(a new trend in metro cities) is also offered by the company with
GMV’s (Spain-based) technology features. From recommending right products to installing & commissioning, Maruti does everything with a minimum ado with the help of its qualified lift maintenance engineers and in-house support staff. “We put customers at the heart of our business and offer services after understanding their needs and provide them with exactly what they want,” says Sunil Gantayat, Business Head, Maruti Lifts.

"We put customers at the heart of our business and offer services after understanding their needs and provide them with exactly what they want"

The Unconditional Support
Usually, lifts with expired service life are subject to replacement involving big financial and material expenses, as well as the long downtime of lifts causes’ great inconvenience for dwellers. To avoid this situation, Maruti offers modernization of lift that includes delivery of a unit of equipment and complies with requirements of safety regulations and is made without additional work of the constructional part of a building. The after sales services by Maruti offer 15 month free service, 12 months Spare parts replacement warranty & annual maintenance contract which include all services irrespective of who built the lift.

The company has its own service division/team that is well-versed with the knowledge on how to deal with breakdown and maintenance in lifts. Post lift installation, clients are
trained on know-how’s of lifts in case of emergency/breakdown so that they can help themselves. In case the problem can’t be solved, the team arrives the site and resolves it in next four hours. “We deliver free of cost service in case of emergencies. Our team deal with any queries and issues, maintaining the highest customer service levels on which we have built our business,” explains Sunil.

Maruti has served private sector clients like Centurion University of Technology and Management, IOCL, Hindalco Aditya Birla Group, KJS Ahluwalia Group and Shanti Super specialist Hospitals and so on. The company leverages three kinds of safety standards, i.e., electrical, mechanical and preventive safety. It provides speed governors for up-down movement and has also tied up with a Chinese company, Weco that delivers sensors & automatic rescue devices from Maruti, which allows the lift to reach the nearest floor in case of power cuts. Preventive safety is the secondary safety provided by the company to the aforementioned safety where if one fails, other will take over.

This ISO 9001:2008 certified company has tied up with Centurion University to set up a training platform in Odisha Skill Development Program for lift maintenance and installation engineers. Relishing on Rs.3 crore revenue annually, the company wants to establish as a brand name in the eastern and southern region.