Milkmor: Producing Preservative - Free & Farm - Fresh Milk

Mitesh Patel, Founder & Chairman

Mitesh Patel

Founder & Chairman

Milk is considered as a vital source of nutrient for a thousand years. However, the safety of milk has always been a challenge in India due to illegal use of preservatives and adulterants such as hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid, benzoic acid, water, neutralizers,melamine, and so on. These preservatives & adulterants are harmful for human body and lead to vomiting, ulcers and even cancer over a period of time. Despite this, majority of milk dealers today use aforementioned preservatives/ adulterants in the packaged milk to ensure longevity and prevent it from spoiling during transportation.

Delivering pure, nutritious and ‘preservative free’ farm fresh cow milk and dairy products(ghee)is Ahmedabad based Milkmor, a brand that practices purity as its mantra. This organic milk farm produces fresh milk at its own cattle farm (300 Gir & A2 cows). Unlike majority of the dairy farms that focus on fat, Milkmor concentrates towards nutrition to yield natural & fresh cow milk.

Ensuring Quality
The company had started from Ahmedabad to sell its milk & ghee since Mar’18. Most of the dairy dealers run on procurement model, where they procure milk from specific farmers and sell to customers. The quality of milk & fodder is compromised here.

Moreover,the hygiene & medical condition of cattle are also often at stake. Hence, Milkmor follows ‘Farm Fresh Model’(having own cows, own nutritious fodder for cows and its own
distribution channel). Once the milking is done, it is checked for quality, packed and then transported to Ahmedabad by 5 AM to their central warehouse via its own vans. Going forward, its 40 delivery boys distribute the Milk bottles at its subscribers’ doorstep early morning between 6-8 AM. This helps Milkmor uphold trust and eliminate apprehension for thousands of its subscribers.

We’ve ensured that you get the best vitamins & minerals out of Milkmor’s Cow milk and you get it at your doorstep early morning

To be doubly sure of the quality of milk & ghee, regular batchwise sample test is done at in-house farm lab. Milk is pasteurized & packed into packets only when all reports are fine. The company that started with just 60 subscribers today has 1300 subscribers and sells 1500 liters milk/day. “As said by our ancestors, Milk is the fuel, and ghee is the lubrication for the body. We’ve ensured that you get the best vitamins & minerals out of Milkmor’s Cow milk and you get it at your doorstep early morning,” professes Mitesh Patel, Founder & Chairman, Astha Dairy Farm.

Taking Care of Cattle
At Astha Dairy Farm, special attention is given to the cattle’s well-being and to ensure the end product is filled with nutritional values. The company not just follows specific feeding plan consisting of maize, corn, cotton seeds and others (morning to evening) as per the cow’s body, milking patterns, climatic conditions and their pregnancy status, but also grows fodders free of urea/ fertilizers using only natural fertilizers(cow dungs/urine) at its own 100 acres of farm to ensure the end product is free of any adulteration. This feed gives natural nutrition to milk like high protein, calcium & magnesium, and increases production of farm fresh milk organically. Unlike others, Milkmor doesn’t give hormonal or steroid injections to increase the yield of milk. It rather practices ‘Happy Cows’ approach, where they do pedicure of cows(to avoid fungus in their hooves), they have massage scrubbers for the cows, they don’t tie them and they are kept in the shade which has enough sun light, fans & water sprinklers.

Witnessing 15 percent growth month on month, Astha Dairy Farm is planning to get into franchise model of farms ranging from 30-500 cows in the surrounding areas of metro cities in India. It is also working on developing & upgrading the Gir cow breed, which is considered the rare glory of India. “Foreseeing usage of synthetic milk, we take into account two responsibilities: social responsibility, where we want to contribute in upgrading breeding of the cows, and the desire to bring trend of pure cow milk in the ecosystem,” concludes Mitesh.