Epixelsoft: Steering Businesses To Success With Smart Solutions

 Anil Kothiyal,   CEOToday, the most common method for launching a startup is using a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) to test a business plan. An MVP has the functionality necessary to draw in early adopters and verify a product idea at an early stage of the product development cycle. This approach can assist the product team in obtaining customer input as rapidly as possible in sectors like the software so that they can iterate and enhance the product. MVP is essential to agile development since it is founded on the idea that products should be validated and improved through user feedback. Established in 2011 as a proprietorship and then in 2014 as a partnership company, EPIXELSOFT is an MVP development firm that has consistently worked to enhance its own skills and extend them beyond the customer’s expectations. The business, which specializes in such development and cloud solutions, is now righteously regarded as one of the greatest IT services and solution providers in the industry. The CEO and Co-founder of EPIXELSOFT, Anil Kothiyal, and the team at EPIXELSOFT are committed to offering startups and established companies with cutting-edge or current technology the best ultramodern web and mobile solutions packed with the power of AI & ML that are both affordable and highly effective.

Ideology & Mission
EPIXELSOFT's processes have been designed to enable the team to fulfil the vision to 'Thrive the future of the businesses by working on a digital platform'. Keeping this vision at the core of all functions, the company is on the mission i.e.'To provide the best ultra modern mobile & web solution to businesses ranging from startups to enterprises with futuristic or contemporary technology with affordability and high satisfaction'.

“As a company, we have made clear vision and objectives, we assign specific roles and responsibilities, provide regular training and development, and implement effective communication and collaboration tools. We also use performance metrics and KPIs to track progress and we make adjustments as needed. We follow Agile and Scrum methods for our project development process, which ensures the best productivity and profitability”, shares Anil Kothiyal, CEO, EPIXELSOFT.

With vast expertise in Strategic and Operational Management, Internal Controls & Process Implementation, Financial Analysis, System Setup, and People Development, the organization has expanded from one worker to 35 minds. All of these individuals bring a special skill set to the firm which is leading the company to new heights of achievement and success. The uniqueness brought on by every individual, and nurtured by the leaders of the firm is helping EPIXELSOFT become a reliable name in the industry, and has enabled the firm to garner some of the biggest clients overseas.

Range of Offerings & USPs
EPIXELSOFT offers a gamut of minimum viable product development services that can be divided into four major categories including Mobile Technologies, Web Technologies, Industry Specific Solutions, and Gen Next technologies such as AI, ML, and Blockchain. Within these, the firm offers various services including Cloud, and DevOps Solutions and Consulting, PHP Development, iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, IoT and wearable development, Django Development, SaaS Product Development, and much more. EPIXELSOFT is a one-stop shop for all types of MVP Development Services and caters to a wide range of industries. The firm’s services, though suitable for every sector under the sky, account for particular expertise in the FinTech, EduTech, and InsureTech industries among others. EPIXELSOFT also specializes in Chatbots which form an essential tool for all industries.

“We provide web and mobile application development services for a startup to
enterprise businesses. Our team is proficient in advanced technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, chatbots, and more. We are also familiar with industry automation such as SCADA and other programs. The customer always wants an easy user interface above all because the UI is the part of the software that is visible to end-Users. Then it comes to technology architecture that needs to be very efficient so that UI works properly with no issues”, adds Anil.

EPIXELSOFT has targeted the overseas audience, and thus caters to foreign clients for the most part. “As a company, we are proud to be contributing to India's ranking as a top investment destination for technology transactions. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration with our partners has helped drive this positive trend. We believe that India's highly skilled workforce, favourable business environment, and growing market opportunities make it an attractive destination for technology investment, and we will continue to explore new opportunities to further strengthen our presence in the region”, further adds Anil.

In addition to being one of the very few Indian firms to cater to overseas clients, EPIXELSOFT also stands out for its business first approach which helps the firm understand the client’s vision for their organization, thereby enabling EPIXELSOFT's team to come up with the best technology solutions. The innovative bent of the team is fuelled by understanding the client’s business well and crafting solutions well suited to their particular needs.

Epixelsoft stands out for its business-first approach which helps the firm understand the client’s vision for their organization, thereby enabling epixelsoft's team to come up with the best technology solutions

The product development process begins with the ideation and requirements gathering phase. During this stage, the problem or opportunity the software product will address is identified, and the product vision and goals are defined. Requirements are collected from stakeholders such as customers, users, and internal teams.

The design phase follows, where wire frames and prototypes are created to showcase the look and functionality of the product. After obtaining approval from the product owner, the development and testing phase begins. The software development team writes the code, tests it, and integrates it with other systems.

Upon receiving approval from the product owner, the product is released to the public. The company provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the product continues to meet customer needs and resolve any issues that may arise.

Some things which set EPIXELSOFT apart from the competitors include the firm’s Business first Approach, commitment to Timely Delivery, 100 percent transparency throughout the project, End-to-End documentation, Regular updates and review, and a Budget Friendly product development offer.

“As an organization, we face many pain points and resolve the same with the best solution. In terms of project development, sometimes our clients want us to deliver projects very quickly when we get such projects we get pressure on our heads for hiring more manpower quickly. Sometimes clients run out of money and they close the project in between. That time we do not get any other option than having the team sit on a bench until we fit them on another project. This way we get monetary loss”, shares Anil. However, despite facing monetary challenges, the team always ensures that the client gets exactly what will benefit their business.

EPIXELSOFT's team of certified designers and developers work on UI sketching, prototyping, and developing that exact pixel perfect. The backend engineers along with DevOps engineers work on the backend to make the software most efficient. Overall the team is committed to providing the best product to customers. EPIXELSOFT has a very skilful team consisting of a combination of web and mobile developers, Quality analysts, DevOps engineers, and UI/UX designers that is the backbone of the firm.

Future Roadmap
Although EPIXELSOFT has already implemented and integrated AI and ML technologies to an extent into its framework, EPIXELSOFT further wants to increase its initiatives in research and development on these cuttingedge technologies. Currently, 92 percent of people globally use a mobile phone, which creates opportunities for software designed specifically for mobile devices and allows users to accomplish the majority of tasks with this tiny device. EPIXELSOFT is concentrating on creating similar solutions for clients. In addition to all of that, the firm has been establishing a talented team for the execution of difficult products and is adamant about continuing to grow in this aspect too.

With strategic plans for expansion in the coming years, EPIXELSOFT is not only on the verge of becoming the goto trusted partner for MVP development, but also the biggest company in the sector.