Motozoop: Stay Unique & Pride with Our Accessories

Karthic Subaiya Thangaraju,Proprietor & Managing Director

Karthic Subaiya Thangaraju

Proprietor & Managing Director

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian retail franchises, the automobile accessory industry shines as a promising sector. What sets a firm apart in this arena is a combination of factors: a diverse and high-quality product range that caters to diverse customer preferences, staying ahead of industry trends, robust supply chain management, stringent quality control, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. These elements together form the bedrock of success, fostering trust and loyalty among customers. As the automotive sector continues to advance, firms that adapt, innovate, and prioritize customer-centricity stand poised for lasting success in India's competitive retail franchise market.

Based out of Chennai and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and established in 2017, Motozoop emerged as a pioneering force in the Indian automotive market by introducing innovative and highquality products that resonated with the needs and preferences of Indian consumers. Originating from a background in the used car and spare parts industry, Motozoop ventured into uncharted territory by introducing the concept of solar perfumes.

With a commitment to superior quality and an IT-driven approach, the firm made a successful foray into online platforms, gaining widespread acclaim for its unique and high-quality offerings. Motozoop expanded the product range to include a diverse array of items, such as gel perfumes, dashboard toys, trash bins, lumbar support, neck pillows, and seat covers, car care products and car wash machine.
What differentiates Motozoop from the rest of the players in the market is the unwavering commitment to innovation. The firm has consistently pioneered products of extraordinary quality in the Indian market.

“Each introduction is marked by an exceptional level of uniqueness, quality, and service. From the groundbreaking solar perfumes to the one-of-a-kind dashboard toys, distinctive trash-bins, and enchanting Dream Catchers, we have consistently delivered trendsetting, unparalleled offerings”, asserts Karthic, Managing Director of Motozoop.

An Insightful Journey of Growth
Motozoop embarked on its journey with the introduction of solar perfumes, gradually expanding to offer a unique collection of 15 intricately designed solar fragrances. Setting themselves apart, these solar perfumes boasted metal construction and warranties, all crafted within India.

Building on this success, the company diversified its range to include a captivating array of dashboard idols, appealing to a wide spectrum of tastes, from family-oriented to those tailored for car enthusiasts. The firm’s strong online presence on platforms such as Amazon, and Jio Mart facilitated growth, while offline expansion saw Motozoop flourish in 125 outlets across Tamil Nadu. This accomplishment propelled the firm into nationwide distribution, reaching states like West Bengal, Siliguri, Nort East, Gujarat, Mumbai, and Punjab.

Car is your second home. Innovation is like a reliable guide which ensures that we, at Motozoop not only keep up with the changes but also lead the way towards a future marked by excellence

The Way Ahead
“Our current strategy is centered around the expansion of our franchise model, which is a strategic move since it aligns with our comprehensive approach to the automotive industry. Having established a robust portfolio encompassing a wide range of car accessories, detailing products, and cutting-edge machinery, we are now shifting our primary focus to our franchisees.

These franchise outlets serve as one-stop destinations, offering customers a holistic experience by seamlessly integrating car accessories, detailing services, and advanced car wash facilities, all within a single, customer-centric space through Motozoop”, concludes Karthic.