Mr. Sandwich: The Sandwich Advocate Endorsing Health, Fitness & Social Responsibility

Amit Mittal,Founder & Owner
Amit Mittal, Founder & Owner

The fast food industry in India took-off on a journey more than 20 years ago witnessing an ever-growing pace in the market, anticipating a CAGR of 27 percent by 2020. The market today has reached every household, at the least occasionally and sometimes more often. But this holds true only in the case of urbanized populations in Tier-1 & Tier-2 cities, while the scenario in Tier-3& Tier-4 cities deem different. Recognizing the dearth of healthy fast-food establishments in these areas, driving opportunities and creating scope as first movers into these spaces, Amit Mittal (Founder & Owner) incepted Mr. Sandwich in 2017 with a dream to revolutionize the concept of fast-food chains.

Dropping a handsome salary package as an ex-business head at a big firm, Amit chose to chase his dream of establishing his own fast-food joint. Not just this, his innate social inclination sprung-up a plan to master organizing a distinguished sandwich outlet, as well as to play ‘good Samaritan’ in these societies, aiming for their development and growth. Thus, taking his first step by acquiring a startup loan, Amit established Mr. Sandwich on a base bearing the
ethics and etiquette of prestigious centers like WalMart, Pizza Hut and Cafe Coffee Day. Proffering health in every pack, Mr. Sandwich proffers the most scrumptious sandwiches paired along with diverse sauces and beverages like coffee or shakes, with a diverse range of pastas & pizzas, thus displaying a complete array of offerings under one roof.

"Mr. Sandwich proffers the most scrumptious sandwiches paired along with diverse sauces and beverages like coffee or shakes, with a diverse range of pastas & pizzas"

Along side this, Amit and his two younger brothers sowed the seeds of their social proclivity and founded 'Ann Rath – Haare Ka Sahara' an exclusive charitable-initiative to aid 'those who have lost hope'(Haare Ka Sahara). Installed at the entrance of the Bahraich civil hospital, the outlet provides a menu of items sold at a highly compromised price of Rs.5 so as to feed the poor and distressed relatives of patients. “This is a great noble project and we have already fed more than 50k underprivileged people so far over the last seven months,” states Amit. Besides these extensive services, Mr. Sandwich endorses fitness and holds tie-ups with significant fitness agencies, like Decathlon and more, providing its healthy delectable eateries.

A Sandwich Patron with Franchisee Platforms
Well grilled sandwiches with the best spices and fresh ingredients, Mr. Sandwich uses only brown breads, prepared by a bakery
exclusively based on the recipe shared by Amit. Moreover, only high quality ingredients are used to garner the preparation of each dish, while the sauces are exclusively obtained from Veeba, and other frozen products from Mc Cain. Topping the list of most demanded items Spicy Paneer sandwich bags the trophy of best seller.

Although established not long ago, Mr. Sandwich has crossed milestones unlike none others in the industry. With a well-framed intention put in place and a strong background to pillar its progress, Amit has seamlessly blended the concept of healthy fast-foods into Tier-3 & Tier-4 cities making it a renowned first-mover onto those platforms. Currently, possessing two self-established outlets and two franchisee outlets in Lucknow (Rs.10 lakh for each investment), with one in Bahraich, Amit has plan-sketched to launch a third outlet in Lucknow to capacitate a centralized-system among other upcoming branches and franchises.

As the story of Mr.Sandwich soon reached ears, its journey made coverage at the famous national DD news channel. With a commitment to expand across Uttar Pradesh, launching ten stores in four cities by the end of June next year, Mr. Sandwich aims at establishing a self-sourced bakery that manufactures its own special breads. Aiming to enhance its quality control and better standards, Mr. Sandwich is transforming the concept of fast-food chains in these cities.