MultiVirt: Equipping Field Reports with Solutions for Live Reporting

Rakesh Gupta,Founder&Director

Rakesh Gupta


Over 100s of news channels just in India; imagine the broader picture and the antagonism to be ahead in the race! In this freaking world of living-on-the-run, people want news at their speed and will, which makes getting a solution that can equip their reports live on-the-go the chase of their life time. But not for them who are under MultiVirt's Freelance News Network, which helps switch from podcast to broadcast where users can connect using their iPhone and Android devices with a 3G/4G connection for broadcast. Aligning the solution with its broadcast infrastructure, a news channel reporter with a smartphone can provide live video feed to his News Studio. And with Freelance News Network Mobile, the reporter can even store video and sound to his content management system from wherever he is. This surely sounds like one answer to all your broadcast issue.

The Journey

Founded in 1995 with a vision to provide visual computing solutions to the customers that included multimedia and virtual reality, MultiVirt had a tough time getting
customers since the idea was perceived as unreal by many. On boarding partners with similar wavelength was another Herculean task that Rakesh Gupta (Founder & Director) faced. But overcoming the snags with foresightedness and effective strategies, MultiVirt emerged as the Unicorn among its peers.

Although not into content production, MultiVirt has a strong content delivery technology and provides engaging content that can hold the viewers

The company is largely celebrated for its offerings that range from System Integration for Broadcast, to Animation & Design Software, Streaming , Cable TV, IPTV Solutions, OOHMP Shikshak, Digital Signage and Freelance News Network. MultiVirt has setup facilities for several TV studios and News Channels. In 2012, when TV digitization started taking shape, the company took a plunge into Digital Cable TV technology and installed more than 300 mini Cable head ends. "Our constant passion to evolve, develop & adapt technologies and solutions that are cost effective and easy to manage makes us unique from others," pronounces Rakesh.

Though MultiVirt isn't into content production, it has strongly placed itself in content delivery technology and provides engaging content through technology that can hold the
viewers. With increasing content consumption through OTT, geographies, languages and cultures will have no meaning, making the world one village. Hence, it is better to select OTT route over satellite or cableTV as the engaging content is the only elixir to sustainability. With MultiVirt's FNNLIVE platform and app, one can acquire and deliver news content on the go. Rakesh claims that this will be the 'next-big-thing' for news broadcasters, portals and digital platforms. Not neglecting the cable TV providers, the company offers small but cost effective digital head ends; while on the OTT front, it has OOHMP VTV platform for transport media on BYOD model. MultiVirt has partnered companies like Video propulsion for trans coding OTT ready content. MultiVirt sells complete solution stacks to consumers and even manages the facilities and operations on a monthly basis.

Jewels in the Crown

Being crowned as BEST VAR - Enterprise Software - North in Year 2005 & 2006 by CRN; Leaders of Tomorrow Nomination for the year 2011 by ETNOW and Ernst and Young; and Intel Technology Solution Provider - Third Prize in APAC in Year 2012, the company serves marque customers like JAIN HITS - NSTPL, ZEE Media, and Cyrus Entertainment amongst several others. MultiVirt is trying to have a global footprint in future and provide products, services and solution globally. To achieve this, it has now registered in Singapore and has an office in Fremont.