Natures Solutions: Contributing towards Greener, Cleaner India

With the organic products' market estimated to grow at 23% CAGR by the year 2023, Indian Organic Products market is witnessing a drastic rise with great potentials. Most of the urban population is switching to organic products daily and this increase in the demand for organic products is creating a huge market demand for organic products segment. Cashing on this opportunity is Natures Solutions, a firm which works with a vision to come out with innovative solutions for single use plastic products to address serious environmental problems such as increase in the rate of environmental pollution caused due to massive use of plastic and various harmful chemicals.

Explaining about the differential factors of their products that set it apart from other products, the Founder of Natures Solutions, Sanjay shares, "We offer various disposables and packaging products which are made up of natural green leaves and recycled paper. To provide support to them, we use cardboard underneath made up of recycled paper which provides strength and steadiness. These leaves have medicinal and antibacterial properties which are scientifically proven. The resources we utilize are eventually turned into something useful such as products like plates, trays, bowls, boxes and packing solutions of different shape and sizes."

The several disposable products that Natures Solutions provides, come in all shapes and sizes and then for the packaging solutions, instead of using thermocol or plastic for packing fruits and vegetables, the retail firms and food delivery companies have tie-up with Natures Solutions to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions. The uniqueness that makes Natures Solutions stand different from the other similar companies is the use of natural resources available in the tribal parts of the country. The other factors that give Natures Solution an edge in the market are the element of providing employment and thus empowerment of tribal women.

Elucidating more about the rural employment opportunities created by the company, Sanjay adds, "Leaves used by Natures Solutions are hand-stitched by the tribal women after collecting from the forests with wild grass. At Natures Solutions, our aim is to develop innovative solutions with natural material/resources for one of the most serious problems being faced by our mother earth today i.e. white pollution caused by single use plastic."

The uniqueness that makes Natures Solutions stand different from the other similar companies is the use of natural resources available in the tribal parts of the country

Natures Solutions uses hydraulic machines which creates pressure which generates temperature and heat that forms the products of different size and shapes as per the requirements. The production capacity of Natures Solutions is around three and a half to four lakh pieces per month. Company uses different channels for sale like selling its products to the wholesalers who further sell them to the retail customers or the retail stores. Sometimes they are directly sold to the end consumers like caterers, food courts, religious institutions, online food delivery platforms and many more. Coming up with further innovations and upgradations to enhance their existing eco-friendly product portfolio, in future, Natures Solutions is planning to offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, wrapping films and eco-friendly bags which are made with natural materials.