Navneet Industries: Driving Unmatched Results with Automatic Manufacturing of Cattle Feed

Saurabh Shekhar,Managing Director

Saurabh Shekhar

Managing Director

There are many poultries and manufacturers of poultry feed that work in traditional ways and are incompetent in offering top-notch quality products. Being technologically progressive is the mantra and Navneet group, a pioneer in manufacturing compound cattle feed in Rajasthan is a believer of the same. It functions with a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that produces compound cattle feed from the last 47 years.

It is a fully automatic manufacturing unit that produces 200 MT compound per day for milking and non-milking cattle feed to cater to the requirement of animals. Established in 1974, Navneeth Industries now employs 300 employees. It is one of the largest cattle feed manufacturer companies in India with ultra-modern infrastructure. Its well-equipped labs ensure that the best raw materials are utilized to produce an end product of the highest quality.

Facilities for Top-notch Products
The group has a modern manufacturing facility, which comprises advanced technology-based state-of-the-art production machinery. The manufacturing plant has high installation capacity to meet the emerging demands of the markets. A few of the efficient machines installed at Navneet Industries are stitching machines, sealing machines, weighing balances, automatic form filling machines and storage plants.
Navneet Industries work with automatic cattle feed plants that are used to manufacture cattle feed such as feed for buffalo, cows, and bulls. The main machinery used for this purpose are conveyors, grinders, mixer machine, cooler, and sieve. This range of quality cattle feed machinery features minimum energy consumption and offers high capacity. These include animal-friendly feed, expandat that ensures an improved feed conversion and excels by its high quality, pellets from expanded, and structured feed.

Navneet Cattle Field offers a wide range of nutritional solutions and has a deep understanding of nutrient values that can help make optimal use of the raw materials and forages that are available in the region. Its cattle feed products are prepared with a deep understanding of Indian feeding practices and milk production levels of cows and buffaloes. The different types of cattle feed produced by Navneet Industries are mesh and pellet.

The variants available in mesh are Navneet gold booster mesh, Navneet super mesh, Navneet special mesh, Sahastradhara mesh, Balwan mesh and Poshahar mesh. The variants available in pellet are Navneet gold booster pellet, Navneet super pellet, Navneet special pellet, Navneet pellet and Navit pellet. The feed is urea free, offers a good source of nutrients for cattle, is palatable and improves fat content of milk and immunity of animals, etc.

Values and Philosophy Driving Growth
Acknowledging plus assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies is what Navneet Industries focuses on. The group takes proactive stands to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance for its workers. Committing to great product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within also outside the organization as well as contributing to society by demonstrating corporate social responsibility is paramount for the Navneet Industries. The group encourages its employees to take initiatives, give their best at work by empowering them to lead and make decisions. It also gives utmost importance to ensuring the health & safety of employees and going beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.

`Our philosophy reflects what we believe & value most about people as well as organisations, the kind of organisation we are too desire to be, how we will work together in the future, what we want it to feel like, how we will be governed and led. It seeks to capture and reflect spirit, ethos, guiding principles that will inspire and in-form our people about cultural thinking, policy and practices. Our aim is to be the market leader in terms of quality and achieve an increase in market share by 10% year after year', concludes Rajneesh Manik Chand Bohra, Managing Director, Navneet industries.