Nutritotal India: Making India Healthy with Gluten-free and Low-carbohydrate Products

K.R Madhusudhan  MD,  Dr. Sribhargava Natesh  Director, ,     K.R Jaganathan  Director & Mentor

K.R Madhusudhan, Managing Director

Wheat, barley, rye and oats are some of the staple food ingredients used across the length and breadth of India. However, these contain gluten that does not agree with people suffering from three kinds of gluten-related conditions – wheat allergy, celiac disease and nonceliac gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity is not an allergy or an autoimmune disease, but it causes gastrointestinal symptoms without damaging the small intestine. With increasing cognizance of such issues, a new trend of gluten-free food is on the rise, with the other popular trend being low carbohydrate intake. Food habits are changing and food industries need to keep up.

Understanding this shift and with a focus on making nutritious traditional foods affordable to all sections of the society, Nutritotal India addresses these concerns through its array of ready-to-cook products made out of multi-millet based dosa batters as staple food that make dosas, rich in vitamins and minerals, easy to prepare. Now
a popular name in households, the hospitality industry and hospitals in Karnataka, Paaka, was among the first few to launch dosa batter made with only millet, with no rice content at all. It is thus an excellent alternative to rice and wheat and meets the needs of those needing gluten-free,low-carbohydrate food. “We have also launched several chilled products for commercial kitchens to make it easy for chefs to source ingredients and allow them to focus on serving their customers better,” asserts K.R Madhusudhan, MD, Nutritotal India.

"We have also launched several chilled products for commercial kitchens to make it easy for chefs to source ingredients and allow them to focus on serving their customers better"

Nothing but the Best
With high focus on end-to-end quality control, from procurement to selling, Nutritotal actively engages its workforce to implement highest food safety standards prescribed by FSSAI. For instance, only RO water is used for manufacturing the products. Available in variety of forms (Adai Dosa Batter, Idli & Dosa Batter, Millet Dosa Batter, and Red Rice Dosa Batter), the products are preservative free and rich in protein, iron, fibre, and micro & macro nutrients.

Nutritotal uses conventional manufacturing processes as well as the latest technology for grinding, filling, chilling and packaging. The products are manufactured in hygienic conditions and chilled well before
dispatch to ensure quality delivery to customers. “Our factory has a large chill room to pull down the product temperature to the desired level, which helps in optimizing the shelf life of the products,” explains Dr. Sribhargava Natesh, Director, Nutritotal India.

Further, the products are packed in safe LDP pouches, and distributed via PUFF secured vehicles in ice boxes, as the company knows that supply chain is an important part of the chilled product business that impacts a product’s quality. “Our products are reviewed by our customers’ management teams comprising of doctors and nutritionists, who have endorsed the value the product offers to their consumers,” further adds K.R Jaganathan, Director & Mentor, Nutritotal India. This is why Nutritotal products are high in demand and hence available on various platforms like modern trade (Future Group – Big Bazaar, Hypercity, Nilgiris, Heritage, Godrej Nature’s Basket, and Star Bazaar), online (Big Basket, Doodhwala, DailyNinja, Town Essentials and others), various hotels and hospitals apart from chosen general trade segments/organic outlets.

Based out of Bangalore, this 2016-founded start-up has a strong strategy in place to go deep in to the market, both in the city and pan India. “We hope to enter the export market soon, hopefully in about an year,” proclaims the proud trio. With all requisite audits in place, the company is all geared up to launch an organic product line in the near future.