P Tech Projects & Services: A Leading Service Provider for HVAC and Cleanroom Projects Since 2009

 Suresh B Angadi,  CEOCleanrooms play an important role in modern day business. The industry in itself is very niche and there are only a few credible players operating in the segment. With almost all the industry verticals needing cleanrooms to improve and develop their products and services, the need for reliable cleanroom services and solutions providers is on the rise. Working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, Suresh B Angadi with his unparalleled domain expertise in dealing with cleanroom projects established P Tech Projects & Services in the year 2009. The company found its step in the industry by offering designing and consultation services for cleanrooms. Gradually starting to find a rhythm in their operations, P Tech Projects & Services started to expand their business and their services including HVAC, cleanroom systems utility piping, cleanroom equipment, laboratory furniture, and validation and testing for cleanroom systems, and calibration of the cleanroom instruments helped them to cement their position in not just the Indian market but also on the global stage too.

With the majority of players only offering design solutions for the clients, P Tech Projects & Services sets itself apart from their competition by offering end-to-end cleanroom solutions. "We provide turnkey
cleanroom services for our clients and we have an inhouse manufacturing plant that allows us to create custom products as per our clients' requirements. Our domain expertise has helped us to even take up incomplete projects that stopped halfway by other companies. We came in and completed those with-in the deadline as per the clients' requirements. Having an inhouse manufacturing plant also helps us ensure uniform quality in all our products and enables us to offer our services at a much cheaper price. While most of our competitors outsource their installation and manufacturing work, we have got separate departments to take care of everything that allows us to complete the project at a much faster pace" avers Suresh B Angadi, CEO, P Tech Projects & Services.

P Tech Projects & Services to partner up with various foreign and local pharmaceutical companies and hospitals including Cipla, Biocon, Remidex, HLL Lifecare Limited, and many more

Their unrivaled market expertise and impeccable track record have helped P Tech Projects & Services to partner up with various foreign and local pharmaceutical companies and hospitals including Cipla, Biocon, Remidex, HLL Lifecare Limited, and many more. Addressing their employees as the most crucial part of their success, Suresh says "Our employees and their expertise are our biggest strong point and we always make sure that our employees are comfortable while doing their respective works. We also send our engineers and technicians to various seminars and workshops to make sure that they are updated with the latest industry requirements and technological advancements. We also conduct various cultural activities, group outings and family gets together to bring in that positive atmosphere in the workplace."

Starting from a small company that had just 20 lakh turnover in their first year, Suresh and the entire team of P Tech Projects & Services have really raised the bar over the years. Since 2011, the company has nearly doubled its turnover every year and in the last year, the company had an annual turnover of 15 crores. As for the future of the company, P Tech Projects & Services is planning to expand their service verticals and include electrical integrated building systems, fire protection, and plumbing and sanitary verticals into their service portfolio. Combining this with the company's plan to manufacture air filters, P Tech Projects & Services is planning to become the most capable, well rounded and credible cleanroom solution provider in the country.