Pentapure RO Systems: Bestowing Rural India with Quality Drinking Water

Ganga Reddy, Founder & MD,
T.N. Chandan, Technical Director

According to Wild Water, State of the World’s Water 2017, report by WaterAid, India has more people in rural areas, i.e., 63.4 million, living without access to clean water than any other country. As a result, people in rural India suffer from stomach-related ailments and several other deadly diseases. Pentapure RO Systems, whose bee-in-the-bonnet is to provide quality drinking water to rural India, predominantly fixates on rural drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. Pentapure has built user-friendly products and a network of service engineers who operate & service the plants in remote locations. Streamlining the process, the company recruits the local people that make it accountable to deliver on-time services for all the units installed. Thanks to this astute strategy, the rural people get to have an easy access to quality water and service support that most of the companies fail to offer.

Ganga Reddy, Founder & MD,T.N. Chandan, Technical Director

Delivering Pure & Safe Water
An ISO 9001-2008 & MSME certified leading manufacturer & wholesaler in Karnataka, Pentapure provides sundry water purifier models, which are compact,
aesthetically designed and easy-to-use. In fact, Pentapure is the first company in Karnataka to introduce Coin-Operated Drinking Water Vending Machines, wherein the rural folks can collect pure drinking water by inserting a coin. The water purifiers use double purification to combine reverse osmosis, UV or UF in the multistage filtration process. This combination enables water filters to purify water from different sources like borewell, tap water, and more. For instance, its ‘E-Pure’ is one of the most popular & well-designed water purifiers. The product is instilled with a high-quality imported RO membrane of DOW Company of U.S. and has RO, UV System, and AFT, in addition to other filtrations. Its enhanced version,'E-Pure RO' is the only product having seven stages of purification– Pre-Filter, Anti-Scale, Pre-Carbon, Sediment Filter, RO Membrane, Nano silver carbon, Taste conditioner & mineralizer.

"Pentapure recently introduced Remote Monitoring Systems through which it monitors the quality & quantity of water dispensed, and gets notified of any breakdowns in the unit"

“The production range of our products starts from 15 liters per hour and they have the competence to remove even dissolved impurities and retain essential minerals giving 100 percent pure & safe drinking water,” adds Ganga Reddy, Founder & MD, Pentapure RO Systems. Ensuring utmost quality, Pentapure recently introduced Remote Monitoring Systems through which it monitors the
quality & quantity of water dispensed, and gets notified of any breakdowns in the unit to resolve the issues immediately. Thanks to these sterling products, Pentapure is the single largest company having the highest number of installations in Karnataka.

Pentapure also works with State Government Departments like Rural Water Supplies, Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Urban Water Supplies, Nirmithi Kendra, Primary & Secondary Education, Social Welfare, Minority Welfare, and more, supplying community domestic water plants RO water purifiers. In fact, it was awarded as the best vendor for supplying RO Drinking Water Plants for the year 2016-2017 by the State Department. The company also provides water treatment plants like Softeners, Demineralizer, Pressure Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Iron Removal filters, Reverse Osmosis System, Ultra Filtration, Oil separators, and more.

As a cherry on top, Pentapure offers its products at an economical rate to make them affordable for the rural folks. Moreover, besides offering one-year warranty, the company undertakes comprehensive maintenance of the products for five years. Hats-off to this nonpareil methodology, Pentapure is one of the few companies in Karnataka serving for over a decade consistently in its space, and is growing steadily to achieve Rs.50 crore revenue by 2020.