Priba Waterproofing System: Stopping Unnatural Showering in Edifices with Acrylic Polymer

Shital Udani,Founder
Shital Udani, Founder

Waterproofing solutions date back to centuries when people were using thatch, animal skins, reed, leaves & even natural stones. Thanks to the industrial revolution, they are replaced with elastomeric sheeting materials like neoprene, butyl, hypaion, PVC & rubberized asphalt. However, due to their bungling performance in tropical climates & high costs, they weren’t applauded by Indians. These factors along with environmental concerns surrounding these materials’ impact on air quality have fuelled the need for alternative waterproofing solutions. Filling this market gap, Priba Waterproofing System offers Acrylic Polymer-based waterproofing solutions. Priba’s waterproofing solutions not only address the water seepage problems but also the damage wreaked by UV & hot infrared radiations. The coatings have built-in properties to handle high loads and temperature variations that cause contraction stress & expansion, ensuring long-term performance.

Eliminating Even Moisture
Pirba offers comprehensive system solutions for waterproofing both commercial & residential structures(a new home or
repairing an existing one). The solutions include a comprehensive variety of new construction and repair waterproofing solutions for all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls, Structure, Foundation, Internal Walls, Bathrooms and Water Bodies. Companies like Ashok Layland, TVS, Haridas Gramore & more have approved its Polymer Base Waterproofing Compound. Ensuring spotless services matching to clients’ specifications, Pirba obtains raw materials from reputed suppliers only, who regularly visit Pirba to offer their valuable advice. Commercial premises like Kikabhai Hospital (Sion), Bhatia Wadi(Ghatkopar), Kamaniwadi (Kalbadevi), St. X’viers College (Heritage Building) along with residential complexes of Mumbai south & western suburb zone, and builders like PGD Group, Dedhia Builders, Excel Builders, & Champak Bhaichedda (Ghatkopar) have used its Chemical Base Waterproofing treatments.
"Priba’s waterproofing solutions not only address the water seepage problems but also the damage wreaked by UV & hot infrared radiations"

Pirba thoroughly investigates the leakage problems and accordingly suggests and gives the right treatment for waterproofing. “We identify the problem & try to solve it until even moisture doesn’t exist,” says Shital Udani, Founder, Priba Waterproofing System. The solution consists of a primer coating of acrylic polymer compound on the affected area by the proficient labours of Priba. The coating allows the movement of the concrete members while
keeping the properties(toughness, water resistant, solar reflective, elastics, elastomeric and overall durability) of the membrane intact. “Best results are achieved when the compound is applied to the positive side of the wall, where from the water is entering, not coming out,” adds Shital.

Dealing with Monsoon
Considering the fact that our country has heavy seasonal rainfall, efficient waterproofing of structures should receive the utmost attention. Pirba itself reaches out to commercial clients offering its help to address their water seepage problems after heavy rain. And its flawless work has never failed to impress these commercial clients. The company also facilitates specifiers and end-users in understanding the performance requirements of waterproofing solutions and various other technical, manufacturing & installation issues while building the structures ensuring optimal performance.

In 1991,at a time when conventional methods like Brickbat Coba, Bitumen, & box type waterproofing system were used by people & chemical-base solutions were not so famous, Shital incepted Priba with a vision of offering latest waterproofing system. Today it is one of the leading Waterproofing Companies in India and has strong presence in Mumbai and nearby cities, Roha, Hosur, and Cochin. Priba aims to adopt all the upcoming waterproofing treatment and meet all of its clients’requirements.