QFS HUB: A One-Stop-Purchase for High-quality Dehydrated Food Products

Jagdish Sharma,DirectorWith the world shrinking and getting closer, thanks to technology, the food industry is in a constant state of innovation. Dehydration is the oldest way of food preservation, dating back centuries, but the process has evolved with the passage of time and the changing lifestyles & choices of the customers. The dehydrated food products industry is gaining popularity globally by the customers' demand for quality, health, and convenience. Today, manufacturers strive to create nutrient dense dried foods that retain the flavor and health of the raw materials. The increased consumer awareness, including their longer shelf life, has contributed to their acceptability. As per the forecasts, the Indian dehydrated & spray dried food products market is expected to burgeon at a CAGR of 3.78 percent during 2020-2025. At exciting times like these, QFS HUB takes great pride in being a trustworthy manufacturer cum exporter of Indian dehydrated, spray dried vegetables & fruits powder, seasoning flavours, spices, herbs, cheese, paste and HVP. The family owned business officially embarked into the world of dehydrated food products in the year 2007. QFS HUB's products are used in making sauce, ketchup, noodles, wafers, seasoning, curry mix, masala mixing, pickles, ready to eat products, topping for burgers &hot dogs, pot roast, corn beef, hash, Mexican dishes, chowders, soups, relishes chili, and more. QFS HUB's products are available in dry form with no added
preservatives. Today the Ahmedabad based company has succeeded in leaving behind a lasting impression amongst its 1627 happy clients and counting.

Secret Success Recipe
Concentrating on its soul elements ‘Quality and Purity', QFS HUB follows a stringent production process to manufacture and export dehydrated food products and spices. The process starts with procuring raw materials and ensuring a quality check, followed by mechanical peeling, washing with chlorinated & sterilized water, and slicing & cutting. Next, the product goes through the first and second drying stages (Imperial, hot air continuous belt dryer) for approximately 4-5 hours, accompanied by continuous belt air cooling. Once the product cools down, the well experienced and talented team grades and removes the unwanted peels, including color sorting manually and mechanically. They also do metal detection & rare earth magnet cleaning to prevent the mixing of any unwanted metals due to labor's negligence. Lastly, the team scan, weighs, pack, and dispatch the end products to their customers."We are known for our quality therefore, we pay great attention to providing highquality products to our customers on time. We also communicate with our clients and ask for their valuable feedback. To date, we haven't received any complaints or negative feedback,"says Jagdish Sharma, Director of QFS HUB.

QFS Hub also put its best foot forward to maintain a constant pricing model for its customers throughout the year by stocking inventory in respective seasons

Going the Extra Mile
With manufacturing units in Bhavnagar, Mahuva, and Nadiad, QFS Hub attracts corporate based customers such as FMCG companies. The company supplies raw materials to all the local companies from different states. QFS Hub also put its best foot forward to maintain a constant pricing model for its customers throughout the year by stocking inventory in respective seasons. Climbing the success ladder with revenue of crores year on year, the company is looking forward to cornering the market and becoming the leader of the dehydrated food products industry. "We understand the needs of our customers. The creation and development of our products adapt to those needs, and we always preserved our original quality, value, and tradition in all our products since we started. Our commitment has helped us keep our promise of purity and freshness in our products," he concludes.