RO Service India: Providing Quality & Expert AMC Services for RO Purifiers

Paras Jaiswal, Director
Paras Jaiswal, Director

Unaware of when the purifier stops functioning, a lot of people drink the same impure water and fall sick. As drinking clean & pure water is important for healthy living, like wise regular & timely maintenance of RO purifying system is necessary. RO Service India (unit of Anushka Aqua Care) has carved-out a niche in the industry by providing quality & affordable RO service on a regular basis that can help people drink clean & pure water and stay healthy.

Unlike other companies, this Ranchi-based company is focused on facilitating monthly & timely services, including Bulk AMC and Tank cleaning service, to ensure every spare part of the purifier works fine and customers drink clean & pure water. This works out as a strategy that enables its customers to enjoy the benefits throughout the year. “We have our own sediment carbon membrane for quality parameter. Any product or spare part is first put into our own system to see if it meets our company’s quality parameters. If yes, we induct the same under our brand & introduce it in the
market,” says Paras Jaiswal, Director, RO Service India.

Commitment Towards Quality
The company renders a complete range of commercial, domestic and industrial products of all reputed brands, including Kent, Havells, Bluemount, Nasaka, Aquaguard and Livpure, to name a few. RO Service India assures that all products are sourced directly from manufacturer, as it strictly refrains on compromising on quality of spare parts. The company is an expert in quality & quick (within four hours) AMC service for all domestic, commercial and industrial RO systems, at your doorstep where service can be requested through its app. Such profound commitment to quality and service has brought clients like NB Icecreams, Reliable Industry, Black Diamond Explosive, DECO, Paras Nursing Home, Pataliputra Nursing Home and more, to its kitty.

"RO Service India assures that all products are sourced directly from manufacturer, as it strictly refrains on compromising on quality of spare parts"

Talking about one of its clients’ issues,Paras mentions about a dialysis plant at Paras Nursing Home, Dhanbad where due to lack of maintenance, the hardness and TDS level of RO water increased drastically. The experienced team of RO Service India fixed the problem over night by cleaning the installed softener, bringing back the machine to function at its best, thus enabling the clinic to start the
dialysis treatment the following morning itself.

Staying Updated with Changing Market
Not many people are aware of the fact that alkaline water is healthy & non-acidic unlike normal RO water. However, changing the existing RO systems with the alkaline one is not cost-effective and feasible for every customer. But RO Service India fixes alkaline systems in the customer’s existing RO system, rescuing them from spending a bomb on purchase of a new system. Alongside, the team is always engaged in research of new products & technology that recently came to the country and the ways to implement it for extracting the utmost benefit for all stakeholders.

Established in 2006, the company has expanded its network with its unique services & solutions and is currently present in 22 major cities in eight states, including Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. To strengthen its network, the company employs independent& skilled technicians with the dual purpose of offering excellent services and employment. Expanding gradually across Ranchi, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Delhi and other metropolitan cities with five running plants, RO Service India intends to become a huge alkaline water purifier provider in the country. Further, the company envisions that every village in the country gets professional servicing and clean & pure drinking water and is working towards it.