Rollacosta: Serving Delish Rolls & Wraps with a Hidden Twist

Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal,DirectorsLets rewind the moment when you last took that generous bite on the piping hot Shawarma. First, a layer of falafel, then the juicy grilled meat tossed in dripping garlic mayonnaise, which ends with a happy crunch on the salad portion. tTat is how we describe as we enjoy the delicacy. Racing on the meaty challenge with the usual ‘Kathi rolls’, this falafel wrap has definitely found a special place in the foodie’s heart. To relish such delish in a more exiting way, Rollaosta serves its Shawarmas with a hidden twist of its secret ingredients.

Unlike other fast-food establishments, Rollacosta provides a unique combination of well-priced Quick Fast Food, within a fun atmosphere. It has a simple aim of providing consumers with great tasting Rollas, Shawarmas, Pastas, Sandwiches, Indian Cuisine, Quickies and Beverages. No wonder, the food connoisseurs adored it, making Rollacosta one of the fastest growing Shawarma brands in India.

The Inception
Seven year back, there was a dearth of Shawarma & Roll QSR brand severing healthy food on the go. Thus, upon a though check over the market feasibility, product testing and business plans, Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal (Directors, Black Orchids Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Rollacosta)
brainstormed the idea to incept Rollacosta in 2012. From a humble beginning with workforce of just five people, it expanded to 15+ locations in India backed by 80+ employees, purely through word of mouth publicity of its unique and quality food items. Furthermore, it has tied up with most of the food-aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, Dunzo and many more to deliver its mouthwatering Shawarmas & Rollas at the customer’s doorstep.

Rollacosta’s team is highly motivated as the brand is growing at a good pace. It also supplies preservative- free consumables (sauces & spices) from its FSSAI certified vending factories to retain uniform taste at all its outlets. The directors dually aver, “We do add more varieties as per need of a certain region and customer–needs, keeping in mind the feasibility and quality”. The chefs working for Rollacosta are retrained time to time for every new item that is introduced in the menu. Furthermore, it holds extensive onsite training for the entire franchise team to convey custom etiquettes like things to do before opening, cleanliness, maintaining hygiene, customer service, managing & preparing orders, avoiding wastage, things to do while closing, maintaining inventory, staff management and others.

Rollacosta provides a unique combination of well-priced Quick Fast Food, within a fun atmosphere

Tuning to Futuristic Business Models
Manav adds, “The investment for a franchise is quite reasonable starting from just Rs.10 lakh for a kiosk or an OTC.” Expanding at a great pace, the current revenue of the company has spiraled to the rate of 40 percent. Learning that QSR will rein the market of future fast food chain industry, Rollacosta is focusing on the franchisee growth and plans to penetrate into more than 10 Tier II & III cities within India in the coming years. Working more on its low investment and high return policy, it will offer cloud kitchen services to give an edge over pricing for the customers who tend to order from home or office.

Niti says, “I personally feel that the F&B business has great potential, hence Rollacosta is likely to expand 10 folds in the coming five years.” To stay apace with its other food brands like Juice Lounge, Rollacosta, Yummerica Fries & Chaat Ok Please, in the next five years, Rollacosta is looking forward to opening more than 100 QSR stores across India.