Rolls Mania: Scrumptious Rolls that Scream Delight with Every Bite

Puneet Kansal, Gagan Sial & Sukhpreet Singh Sial,Co-Founders & Directors
Puneet Kansal,
Gagan Sial &
Sukhpreet Singh Sial
Co–Founders & Directors

While most of teenagers spend time trying to discern the meaning and purpose of life, young Puneet Kansal (Co-Founder, Rolls Mania) then 19, vividly aspired to treat the world with unique gustatory delights. Contemplating on executing this vision, in 2009 Puneet managed to accrue a small loan to venture a kiosk outside a restaurant that soon shutdown to his dismay. Despite struggles, striding on the embers of his aspirations the adolescent along with his Co-Founders - Sukhpreet Singh Sail & Gagan Sial (Rolls Mania) took to Pune’s streets launching their first successful store in 2010. Since, then there was no turning back and Rolls Mania under the headship of this great troika paced forward with an ambition to make a Pan India presence, serving the most succulent rolls that leaves every taste-bud tingling with an enduring memory. Moreover, established as a QSR (quick service restaurant), Rolls Mania eliminates the fear of fast-food consumption by presenting a menu that platters scrumptious and delicious rolls mimicking home-made healthy food. Providing an array of options to choose from, Rolls Mania promises a comprehensive treat for both veg and non-veg eaters.
“Our vision is to reach every household possible with hectic schedules that will reduce/save their time cooking meals and prefer Roll Mania’s Grab and GO option,” stated Puneet.

"Rolls Mania holds a distinct desire to aflame sparks of budding entrepreneurs as franchisees with less-investment & high-yield returns, most being women receive fervent empowerment and support"

Over the years, the restaurant has grown as a popular food-joint amongst all age-groups, with numerous options categorized into daily bites, regular-bites, fusion bites, spicy delight, king-size bites, add-ons, accompaniments and roll-meals. These categories offer diverse vegetarian and non-vegetarian wholesome snack/foods consisting of heavily-stuffed Kathi-rolls, tempting French-fries, freshly made beverages like cold-coffee, ice-tea, and much more. Proffering customized services based on popular rolls with whole wheat and less oil to cater to health factors of customers, stated Sukhpreet Sial, the restaurant also facilitates dine-in/take-away and 30 minute home deliveries, additionally availing a mobile app/website for better customer outreach. The restaurant possesses a dab-hand at pleasing every customer, complying to necessary food practices, technologies, standard operating procedures and hygiene features with a pocket-friendly approach.

Franchisee-Friendly & Customer-Driven
Rolls Mania holds a distinct desire to aflame sparks of budding entrepreneurs as franchisees with
less-investment & high-yield returns, most being women receive fervent empowerment and support to establish themselves in the field. It moreover follows a de-centralized model where each outlet work as individual profit-centers while control of the kitchen vests in the hands of the head-office. To ensure that the essence of each roll is embedded with Rolls Mania specialty, the head-office transports their self-made spices to all outlets ensuring sustenance in taste & quality. Placing consumer satisfaction before eveyrthing else, with health-safety and environmental consciousness, the staff is obliged to wear head-caps as well as maintain an environment that is hygienic for both, the consumers and the staff.

Additionally, Rolls Mania utilizes the fruits of technology to enhance management-efficiency and build core-relationships with customers proffering special-discounts via website-orders and RM-app. A Royalty Reward program for loyal customers corroborates the restaurant's true value for its customers. Nevertheless, currently thriving 102 outlets with over 87 stores in over 30 cities in India, the restaurant rolls-out over 12,000 rolls/day and aspires to become one of the top 'wraps & rolls' restaurants globally.

The exclusive Menu & Outlined Prospects
Awarded for “Best Rolls” by radio channel Red FM & Shikha Awards, Rolls Mania exquisites have satiated taste-buds across the country. Thus the trio works towards setting-up outlets in the middle-east and Asian countries with 15 stores in the pipe-line, expected to launch by December this year.