Roma Ventures: Identifying & Ensuring Retail Viability

Gopal K. Rathor, DirectorA strategic location undoubtedly plays a detrimental role in a retail outlet’s business success. However, commercial real estate remains a largely unregulated and unorganized sector which puts brands and businesses at a disadvantageous position while zeroing on a lease deal. Additionally, retailers could overlook various local factors that could affect the viability of outlets. Roma Ventures, a Noida based retail leasing specialist has been helping its clients find the most viable and profitable locations for stores/outlets across tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Calculating the viability based on factors such as rentals, salary, electricity, franchisee margin and sale figures of competition brands, the firm makes a retailer’s job easy by increasing store success rates.

Founded in 2007, Roma Ventures holds expertise in guiding clients through the process of selecting the right location, getting legal paper work done and closure of the deal till opening of the store/outlet. Over the span of years Roma Ventures has yielded benefits for established brands such as Spencers, Raymonds, Mufti, Burger King, Sabhyata, AND and Global Desi to
name a few. The firm undertakes a professional approach to work and is witnessing a constant increase in client portfolio through word of mouth.

Leveraging its ability to negotiate ruthlessly and with tact, Roma Ventures finalizes on the best deal possible for clients

The Right Approach to Retail Leasing
The unorganized retail leasing sector holds immense commercial potential. With top locations in major cities being leased at exorbitant prices, brands often want to invest in spaces where success could be guaranteed. Roma Ventures utilizes its in-depth knowledge about the retail industry to identify such profit centres. Taking into consideration factors such as target market, their buying patterns, neighbourhood brands, convenient accessibility and competitive strategy, the firm evaluates profitability and closes the transaction with proper due diligence and documentation. “We have tie ups with a host of developers/landlords in the country and provide first-hand information about existing as well as upcoming projects to our clients,” adds Gopal K Rathor, Director, Roma Ventures.

Moving beyond finding strategic locations, the firm also ensures a successful venture by focusing on negotiations. Leveraging its ability to negotiate ruthlessly and with tact, Roma Ventures finalizes on the best
deal possible for clients. Additionally, the company also enables timely possession of properties by following up with respective developers or landlords.

Bringing in Fresh Perspective
Retailers often have a misconception that a metro city is where the biggest profits could be made. However, smaller Indian cities withhold immense viability. Roma Ventures’ research service possesses the foresight and experience to identify newer cities that possess business potential. “Tier 3 cities are some of the most profitable cities since rentals are hardly six to seven percent of the sale while in tier 1 cities the rentals are 20-25 percent of the sale,” explains Gopal. Taking into account factors such as population, literacy, income level and education, the company suggests newer locations to retailers. Although catering to this diverse demand is not easy but Roma Ventures’ team penetrates through deeper pockets of the country to identify prospective markets. Sriganganager, Moradabad and Rewa are a few of the markets developed by the firm.

Having built a stronghold across the Northern and Central parts of India, Roma Ventures is now looking to expand to newer sectors. The company has recently entered the retail industry by signing premium footwear brand CLOG LONDON for retailing in India. The firm is working on exclusive leasing contracts with certain developers to provide additional services such as traffic management, zoning and leasing. Mall management is another area of interest for Roma Ventures in the years to come.