S10 Health: A Window to an Optimal, Customized & 'SafeCare'

Sridharan Sivan,  Founder & CEO

Sridharan Sivan

Founder & CEO

Sitting astride the fast-paced growth of global scenario, Indian Health Care industry is estimated to weigh $100 billion, out of which out-patient specialty care market commands over 30 percent. This upbeat development is also fueled by the staggering growth of specialty physicians within the sector, which has witnessed more than three lakhs physicians barging in. Unfortunately, the industry is also marked with multiple intricacies. On one hand, it is difficult for the high-end health seekers to make an informed decision about the doctors and reap-in high quality standards of medical care, while on the other, doctors hunt for seamless operational control within their clinics.

S10 Health bridges the gap between the health seekers needs and doctors practice objective by synchronization of the healthcare delivery process. Bridging the gap with S10 Health assures increasing savings, enhancing customer experience and improving the lives of both the health seekers and the doctors. The specialty clinics needed a partner who will handhold them on this journey.Donning the cap of such alter-egos, S10 Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012.

Touted to be the only independent SafeCare mobilizer, S10 Health is a contrivance of a group of passionate entrepreneurs who strive to spearhead a change in the industry. "Our personal life experiences brought out the deficiencies in the modern healthcare scene. Having vast experience in IT and Health care domain, we wanted to create technology-centric solutions to resolve such problems," expounds Dhamu Narayanan, Executive Director - India Operations, S10
Health. Forayed into India after its successful stint of succoring the needs of continuum of care in U.S., the self-funded healthcare organization has been instrumental in filling flesh to its founder's wish and has been consistently leveraging best healthcare experience through its comprehensive array of scientific, yet affordable, customized and commendable healthcare services. "We help deliver patients to doctors and help doctors to deliver care," adds Dhamu.

Bridging the gap with S10 health assures Increasing saving enhancing cutomers experience and improving the lives of both the health seekers and the docter.

The SafeCare Network

While developing new solutions and business practices merely represents half of the battle, persuading the relatively conservative industries like healthcare to adopt those breakthroughs can make the success a daunting feat to achieve. This is precisely what S10 Health went through. "However, we designed multiple solutions through consistent refinement before releasing it to the market. Presently, we have 200 clinics and 1000 doctors, and we are doubling these numbers every year," explains Dhamu. Celebrated for its cloud-based SafeCare platform - a single and easy Interface for healthcare services across the globe - the company imbibes transparency and efficiency in the healthcare system. Launched in 2015, the platform serves as a benchmark of outpatient quality control standards for the specialty doctors to adhere and reap-in certifications, which in turn boils down to consistent and reliable care for a patient to reckon on.

The standards dwell into the facets of organization management, clinical infection prevention & control, facility & safety risk
management, internal communication and patient right to certify the quality.Through its technology enablers named S10Health Office and Digital Presence, the solution empower sits customers to enjoy scalable technology, quality process, services and branding. "To give you an example, we built one of our client's digital profile and marketed their services. The culmination of our efforts is reflected in the rating of their facility as No.1 by Times of India," says Dhamu.

Besides providing a suite of digital health platforms to a doctor, and facilitating managed care coordination, it also serves as a customizable healthcare companion, with which a patient can book an appointment, can organize his medical records and the schedules online, and can even monitor his health regularly. With its portfolio focusing on care of dental, eye, skin, hair, diabetes and specialized care segments dedicated to women, reproduction and infants, the SafeCare experience can be annexed through mobile app (iOS and Android) and web interface (

Chiseling a Doorway to Success

The humongous growth of S10 can also be credited to its young and cohesive workforce of 240 employees. United by culture that kindles such coherence and encourages individual talents, the team is constantly trained on new trends and technologies, which help them to grow as leaders within their functional teams. Not only focusing on catering best services and being a people-friendly organization, but the company has also carved a remarkable presence in the society through its voluntary philanthropic endeavors; one of them being conducting mobile medical camps in flood-hit areas of Chennai with the help of its network of doctors. The company was also caught within the shutterbugs of media by sponsoring a first-of-its-kind 'Women's Football League' for Schools and Colleges in Chennai, recently. En route, the venture envisions expanding its boundaries of operations to Middle East and Africa and is on the lookout for fundraising activities that would suffice its vision.