Safepro: Comprehending the Depths of Video Surveillance Data

Sujay Rao,Co-founder & CEO

Sujay Rao

Co-founder & CEO

Video Surveillance has been a subject to intense research and development (R&D), due to the urgent need for public security and safety; mostly driven by the growing threats of terrorism, vandalism, and antisocial behavior. While traditional surveillance systems are comprised of two components - video cameras distributed over the guarded area and human observer watching and analyzing the incoming video, Safepro takes the video surveillance technology a notch further by bringing in the importance of data. At Safepro, it is believed `It's not the video, but the Data in the video'. Every product that Safepro builds, has its groundwork constructed on the idea of extracting the data from the video. Particularly, Safepro's proprietary neural compute platform `Opticsense' epitomizes `making sense of seeing'. "It's not about what the cameras see but making sense of what it sees. See, understand, react and action are the tools Safepro team has built into these vision systems", says Sujay Rao, Co-founder & CEO, Safepro Video Security Research Labs. The smart cameras are built as an autonomous preventive tool rather than a CCTV which is a mere forensic tool. Adding value to the entire process of surveillance, Safepro has been building cognitive surveillance cameras that cater to specific pain points across different sectors ranging from homes to retail,
Governments, public transport, railways, smart city, safe city and large industries.

Safepro has built a myriad of products for efficient surveillance. REACT is a simple yet powerful AI tool for private residences, apartments, offices, warehouses & more that enables preventive systems instead of passive CCTVs as security equipments. Safepro's enterprise grade face recognition solution, Facesense diversifies into time & attendance management, facial recognition scan FRS for criminal authentication and alerts, and paperless ticketing system on face recognition. SafePro has also built a modular AI device called Perimetrion that is meant for perimeter intrusion detection coupled with scene & object detection. This can potentially replace the conventional cameras and fibers once and for all. Octasense is another perfect and comprehensive smart city device meant for managing multiple functions right from surveillance, emergency response system, public address system, environmental sensors, smart street lighting, outdoor displays, video analytics, telecom module, Wifi hotspots, citizen redressal system and more into one device. For the urban infrastructure smart street security, Safepro introduces Vigilar. Vigilar is a safety aisle for women safety & security, smart lighting system, emergency response system and much more. This device is completely autonomous and has anti-vandal and tampering mechanisms to sustain its existence on streets.

Safepro's proprietary neural compute platform `Opticsense' epitomizes `making sense of seeing

Currently, all of Safepro's products comply with the data security standards such as ISO27001. The framework we have been working, securing our customers is of highest importance. Safepro has built this on Opticsense, which is self-destructive i.e. upon sensing threats like hacking or snooping, the platform Opticsense destroys itself preventing potential hacking of the entire system. "All our vision systems have native storage eliminating the need for supplement storage on cloud thereby eliminating misuse of data from their site", adds Sujay.

R&D is something Safepro has strengthened in its journey. The firm has set a strong road map with automation in the cameras as the future of preventing crimes. Safepro will continue to develop comprehensive security & safety solutions on Opticsense to cater to vast and diversified sectors solving the pain points and making a difference in the cognitive surveillance markets.