Sanctum Work Wear: Offering Work wear with Commitment to Utmost Safety & Quality Standards

Ashok Mudaliar,     DirectorThe increased emphasis on worker safety in industries such as oil and gas, mining, construction, and manufacturing has considerably fueled the expansion of the PPE industry. Having said that, the development of lighter and comfortable industrial protective equipment using premium-quality fabric, is what a client across industries expects from the manufacturers in the space. Further more, PPE manufacturers are required to be competent in bringing the needed innovation through its portfolio of products so as to perfectly meet a client's business requirements.

This is where Sanctum Work Wear Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a premier manufacturer and supplier of high quality, safe and long lasting cover all, safety shoes, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for heavy industries, infrastructure sectors, oil and gas sectors, refineries, shipping industries, automobiles, energy, engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, ports and shipyards, textiles, scientific environment, and many other specialty sectors.

“We've been in the business for almost six decades. We were among the pioneers in India to bring Work wear to the market. Our broad line of work wear, safety shoes, and PPE is built with our considerable knowledge while driving the needed innovation to keep your work force safe from fire hazards, electrical hazards, chemical threats, and hot/cold temperatures. Also, we focus on keeping them comfortable for optimal performance,” says Ashok Mudaliar, Director at Sanctum Work Wear.
“We give special emphasis to Quality Control at each and every step in our production process. Raw materials of high quality fabric are sourced from the best in the industry and subjected to an insight fully engineered production line,” Ashok adds.

Sanctum Work Wear is well-known in the industry for producing quality- driven products such as cover all, two piece cover all, flame retardant suits, karate costumes, medical uniforms, COVID 19 PPE garments, safety footwear, safety glasses, and gloves. Sanctum To ensure strict quality standards are maintained, Sanctum Work Wear sources its raw materials from the best in the industry and is subjected to harsh testing from world renowned laboratories. Further, Sanctum Work Wear manufactures all of its products in line with international standards and regulations such as BIS, CE, USFDA, and EN.

We give special emphasis to Quality Control at each and every step in our production process. Raw materials of high quality fabric are sourced from the best in the industry and subjected to an insightfully engineered production line

When disaster struck in early 2020 and the world was on the verge of a pandemic, our preparedness and our foresight was tested during the period. We were among the very few in India to be ready with the infrastructural requirements along with the technically correct raw material for the Covid 19 PPE garments. Not only were the garments compliant and at par with the international standard, but all the necessary and imperative local and International certifications were also ready and acquired in no time.

“Our industrial work wear, protective cover all, enhanced visibility work wear, corporate clothes, and other PPE are made with cutting-edge technology and the newest tried and true highquality materials that are flame retardant, water resistant, oil repellent, and anti static,” highlights Ashok.

As a be spoke manufacturer, Sanctum Work Wear goods are tailor-made to fit the unique requirements of its niche clients, regardless of industry verticals. The company’s success is backed by its team of seasoned professionals and a robust infrastructure with state-of-the-art machines and technologies in place. Some of it includes double stitch machines, side stretch heavy stitching machines, laser light fabric cutting machines to name a few.

“We are avid followers of safety, where in, we feel that it should never be left to a second chance. We are tireless in our efforts to raise awareness of this issue among everyone in our sector. Going forward, we want to foray into the retail industry. And as the market dynamics are continuously changing, we are continually enhancing our skills in order to remain competitive and current with industry innovations,” concludes Ashok.