Satva Organic: Introducing a New Era of Organic Farming & Processing

Devesh Patel,Founder & Managing Farmer

Devesh Patel

Founder & Managing Farmer

The current Indian demography is encouraging a lofty percentage of rural population to shift to urban shores and settle for nonfarming occupations, while the rest of the community pays the price of Agri distress. The anecdote of Devesh Patel(Founder & Managing Farmer, Satva Organic)and the success of his organic products brand Satva Organic is indeed a ray of hope for them.A computer engineer by qualification, Devesh’s love for his motherland influenced him to ideate & manifest profitable organic farming models for the deprived Indian farmers, promoting chemical free farming.

Devesh’s family started organic farming in the year 1992, and it was soon passed on to Devesh, who left his bright IT career opportunities to peruse farming as his fulltime profession. He is branding quality organic products under Satva Organic since 1996. Following a traditional biodynamic calendar along with scientific farming techniques, the brand today produces export quality, flavor packed organic products which hold a prominent market in US.

The main cultivated crops of Satva Organic farms are tubers (potato, elephant foot yam, apple yam and sweet potato), which are sold as raw or value-added products like turmeric chips & desiccated potato chips. Alongside,
it also markets a widerange of millets, pulses, grains and vegetables in association with other farmers around Anand, who are loyal under the quality protocol.

“For each batch of produce, random sampling is done from NABL accredited labs to ensure that the crops are free of pathogens, toxins or any other residue. This practice always keeps us one step ahead of our fellow competitors in the organic market,” asserts Devesh.

Random sampling is done from NABL accredited labs to ensure that the crops are free of pathogens, toxins or any other residue

Indigenous Processing Unit
Many of the crops require processing to increase the customer appeal, while it is a must for increased product transaction. Thus to promote viable, value added products, Satva Organic has transformed the labor intensive procedures(like peeling, husking, & polishing) into a farmfriendly solutions based onfarm mechanized machines.

Inspired by the ‘Thomas Engine’ concept, the devices were developed by Devesh a few years back. Now, there are two designs on the go peelers in the form of rotary drums(30kg capacity)and automatic husking or polishing basket, which is used for crops like pulses, millets and others.

Today, the indigenous machines are fetching higher market price for the produce and attracting other farmers to equip their farms, wherein Devesh agrees to fabricate the machine for them. He adds,“The machines are portable, has an unbreakable built, and are inviting proposals to adapt more user friendly interventions. Presently, 65 machines are distributed nationally”. No wonder Devesh is featured as ‘Kisano ke Mahanayak’(The king of Farmers).

Satva organic is moving forward by connecting to more farmers around Gujarat, spreading the need for organic farming and its enormous health benefits. It has tied-ups with the government universities and Agricultural Technology Management Agencies (ATMA) around Gujarat, which provide better schemes and new agricultural insights of upcoming and latest techniques to the farmers. Satva Organic today is busy strategizing its future plans with a target of doubling the farmers’ income by the year 2022.