Schmancy Pack: Innovating & Customising Packaging Solutions

The Indian Packaging Industry is extensively huge and dynamic and has influenced the manoeuvres of almost all the industries in the ecosystem. The emergence of technology and environmental consciousness has brought in new dimensions in the industry. The sector's opportunistic potential and possibilities absorbed the attention of an enterprising manufacturer, Nikhil Parekh who set his sight on exploring the prospect of the custom packaging. This objective of his led to the creation of Schmancy Pack- a customised packaging solutions company that aims to gratify the needs of the suppliers and customers. The company specialises in manufacturing boxes, bags, accessories and eco-friendly products suitable for accommodating all sort of commodities.

Focussing on the intention of manufacturing products that preserves and protects the environment, Schmancy uses bagasse for the following:
• To craft elegant and viable cutlery
• Take-away containers• Packaging solutions,
• Single-use materials for restaurants and fast food

"We are a house of biodegradable and green packaging services where buyers can place small, medium and large orders for packaging and branding purposes. We concoct designer packaging specific to every season and occasion. We accept customisation and allow customers to completely own a box for their own choice," says Nikhil Parekh, Founder, Schmancy Pack.

It is the only packaging firms that empower customers to choose the exact size of packaging, pertaining to height, width and length along with branding solutions in crafting a complete packaging solution.

Schmancy Pack also stands out for being a women oriented organization. It bestows perfect leeway to many women who seek opportunities to become economically and socially independent. With workforce strength of 25
prolific and hardworking members the company has grown in leaps and bounds. In last three years it has observed 50 per cent Y-O-Y revenue growth, created a constructive client-base across the nation and over the seas and discerned an impressive expansion of its endeavours.

Nikhil Parekh,Founder

Besides all, the company's out of the box innovations, design and permanence of packaging has earned it accreditation from renowned website- Packaging of the World which. "Science and technology has given us ample alternatives which have helped us to work better and smarter. To assist our operations we have availed the power of technology, be it the manufacturing of boxes or reaching our targeted audience or to be easily accessible by our clients. At present, the restaurants and take-away joints are not our sole customer base but Indian and International home bakers have used and trusted our solutions. We have been featured on Better India for our work in sustainability and eco-friendly packaging. The government of Bangalore has recognised us as the best packaging firm of the state," he adds.

Schmancy Pack intends to stride towards making customized packaging convenient and get-at-able

Schmancy Pack intends to stride towards making customized packaging convenient and get-at-able. Giving thoughts to the expansion of online marketing, the company is all set to embrace technology that will enable its customers get their packaging designed online in an instant and at a reasonable price. The prime mover of the firm, Nikhil is positive about taking the business to the next level by taking a hand in the art & crafts and invests in other verticals as well.