Small Screen: Creatively Turning Brand & Corporate Insights to Visual Solutions

Roopak Kapoor,Promoter&Director

Roopak Kapoor


How would you consider a production house that wins an international award for Best Travel Documentary for its very first project? For Small Screen Film & Television, that was just the beginning. The company was part of the select pool of creative houses that created shows for NDTV Good Times, India's first home-grown lifestyle & infotainment channel. This included Highway On My Plate that ran for over 250 episodes and won multiple awards along the way.

Today, the 16-year-old company works with every major TV channel - from Discovery Networks to Star World to History TV 18.Their latest show for History TV 18, OMG YehMera India, boosted the channel's TRPs and garnered millions of views on social media. The company has also diversified its service offerings - creating a perfect blend of content, production and creativity that helps it provide 360 degree media solutions to leading corporates and ad agencies in the country.

Small Screen has a strong competencies in corporate films
digital content, animation films, interactive content,and institutional films. This multi-format approach stems from a deep understanding of the market."We consult the client who wants brand or corporate communication, understand their business requirement and model, and then provide them a 360 degree solution which covers their on-air as well as digital footprint," says Roopak Kapoor, Promoter & Director, Small Screen. While Roopak brings his years of experience in business administration to the company, his partner Prashant Sareen brings a deep understanding of the production domain, thus enabling the company to create content that helps companies create lasting engagement with their clients.

Small Screen strategizes its narrative and visual treatment by firstunderstandingtheclient’scommunication objective and target audience

Strong Service Portfolio

The 50-person team at Small Screen
approaches projects by starting with understanding the client and their communication objective, the target audience and based on that strategizing on the narrative and visual treatment.

This one stop-shop of audio visual communications has created hundreds of internal and external communication films for a leading
KPO, highlighting its strength in the Global IT space. "As consumers all of us are watching more videos. Just look at your Facebook feed. So why should B2B communication still be stuck in the past? We bring our B2C sensibilities to create B2B communication,"says Roopak.

Another film chronicling a tunnel project by a major infrastructure developer along the Jammu-Srinagar railway line, captured the challenges in construction in extremely difficult terrain. "There were days when we shot for 17 hours straight in a dark tunnel standing in waist-deep water.But it was important that we show just how challenging the project was," says Prashant. The effort paid off. The film highlighted the hurdles to the client's customer who released supplementary budget to the tune of Rs 10 crore. "We are probably the only content house in the country which has experience in chronicling some of the world's most challenging projects like T3 Terminalat Delhi's International Airport which might run over two or three years," says Prashant.

Moving Ahead

"We are creative people, who are never satisfied with our achievements and keep on pushing the boundaries," claims Roopak. Feeding off its entrepreneurial spirit, Small Screen has launched its subsidiary that will marry content with technology. The company is set to launch a consumer facing app which will be out on all App Stores soon.