Speed Team Infra (STIPL): Leading the League in Wind Turbine Services

P. Muthuraj,Founder and CEO

P. Muthuraj

Founder and CEO

Global Wind Turbine services is expected to grow and are scaled up in size to multi-megawatt power ratings, reliable and cost-effective. Increasing investment in upcoming wind power projects, increasing adoption of alternative energy sources likely solar power, and reduced cost of wind energy are key factors contributing to the rising adoption of wind energy in India. Speed Team Infra (STIPL), a specialist wind turbine services provider established in 2008 that has gone from strength to strength building a client base nationwide.

Located at Tenkasi, Tamilnadu, Speed Team Infra (STIPL) is a team of 350 plus employees that focusses on the level and quality of the service which will exceed the expectations of the clients. Speed Team Infra (STIPL)is the most preferred vendor for all the OEM’’s and IPP’s, and a Leading Independent Service Providing Company in India. Most Effective Technology of Speed Team Infra (STIPL)is Crane Less Technology which is a Cost-effective technology, were De and Re Erect the Wind Turbine Major Components such as Blade, Main Bearing, Gearbox, Generator, Control Panels. The wind mast installations have given the company a huge advantage which includes installing a 600MW wind Turbine with various OEMs, this is a great Record achieved within a year. Also, 1750 plus wind turbines have been repaired, with 100 plus fulfilled customers. The company strives to improve on every aspect of the works and output by offering site inspection civil, erection-Tower, Nacelle and Rotor, site management, WTG cleaning, Troubleshooting, and much more.
“The technology of Speed Team Wind Tech is transportable to any remote places at any time. By keeping the existing relationship with the clients, we complete the emergency replacement activities as per the challenges faced by the clients, with our specially trained technical team, which will also be done at night times. Speed Team Infra (STIPL) has been provided the best services to our clients regardless of time. Also, we ensure the safety and provide the best maintenance tips to our customers” adds P. Muthuraj, Founder and CEO, Speed Team Infra (STIPL).

New training program is being implemented by the organization with an authorized Training Provider by Global Wind Organization (BST and BTT), which provide updates with the latest technology to the co-team members. The training program helps to develop the Employee Skills on the technical, as well as safety part. Speed Team Wind Tech also conducts Motivational Programs like sports, activities, business, and many more.

Speed Team can assist you via each level of your wind size system task from mast and instrumentation deliver and set up to statistics recovery, reporting, and decommissioning

“The hard work and unity of our corporate employees are the secrets of our efficient completion of many challenging tasks for our clients. Only a happy worker can provide the best service. It’s the employees’ efforts and actions, which provide the output as the best service to our clients. The organization also considers the educational and medical needs of the employees’ family members, as an employee's happiness depends not only on him but also on the happiness of his family members who support him. The loyalty of our corporate employees helps to overcome the hardship we face and this will give Speed Team Wind Tech many success stories to search for” says P. Muthuraj, Founder and CEO, Speed Team Infra (STIPL).

Speed Team Wind Tech has been awarded for MSME Award-Quality and Excellence by India 5000 best MSME awards, Fastest Growing Company by Global Corporate Achievement’s and Social Responsibilities, Best Social Award by Tamilnadu State Blood Transfusion Council, Viswajyothi Award by National Integrity Cultural Academy, and Best Erection Team by Vestas. The firm envisions to be recognized as a leading contracting company in Global through our services provided to our customers. In the years to come, Speed Team Infra (STIPL)will be expanding the service to the Global Market, and as of now the company is providing the services only in India. Also, Speed Team Infra (STIPL)is developing the technology to reduce Human Efforts.