Sunnys Snacks: Variety of Finger Licking Snacks at the Finger Tips

The snacks industry is growing by the numbers and its only going to get denser. Ever since Haldiram proved that an industry like this can thrive with the right innovation in foods, there has been a rise in the number of players making a difference. Carrying a significant amount of experience in the FMCG industry, Hygeeias Foodsz Private Limited has been serving customers with healthy and quality foods. Being a professional manufacturer and distributor of processed foods and everyday snacks across Maharashtra, Hygeeias aims to serve foodlovers from all age groups. Sunny’s is a brand of Hygeeias, created exclusively for quick snacks. From potato chips to Roundies, Sunny’s gives a mouth watering trip to people of every age group.

An assorted range of flavors, Sunny’s Potato chips comes in three drooling flavors Seedha Salty or Simply Salted, Tedha Masala or Twisted Masala and Golmaal Tamatar. The most popular and sought after flavor in potato chips, Seedha Salty is the classic potato chips that people have been relishing for their entire life. Fresh potatoes mildly salted with pure iodised salt, these chips can be directly eaten from the pack or used to make boring food interesting. A range of assorted spices sprinkled on freshly fried chips builds a twisted tale of flavours in the hungry’s mouth. Creative and mouth-watering snack, this flavour is claimed to make the boring cheese sandwich ‘masaledaar’ with these wafers or can be enjoyed them with a cheesy dip. A combination of sweet, tangy and hot, Golmaal tamatar is a flavor that will burst and crunch in the mouth. Be it a craving for tomato chutney or just a flavour-loaded treat, Golmaal tamatar serves it all. Made from rice and the choicest of spices, these crispy sticks will make you forget the world
Madhura Sagar Valanj ,Director

around you. Don’t bother if the world judges you when you let out a loud crunch, because it’s not good unless it’s crunchy. Sunny’s range of Namkeens includes a wide variety of Indian snacks for all age groups. Made with top-quality ingredients and the best of spices, these light and crispy snacks are sure to make every moment happening. Sunny’s considers its customers supreme and take every single measure to ensure that its products are manufactured through safe and healthy methods. Right from sourcing the raw materials to regular quality checks, we take immense care while developing its products.

From potato chips to Roundies, Sunny’s gives a mouth watering trip to people of every age group

Sunny’s manufacturing plants are equipped with world-class machinery, where most of the processes are automated with negligible human contact, thus ensuring zero contamination. As far as their raw materials are concerned, we have invested ample time to find out the top suppliers and selected the best out of those. Be it the potatoes we use, or Sunny’s spices; we put only the best in products. “We have a team of food consultants who bring in their expertise and suggest ways to make our products better, tastier and crispier. They also ensure that we bring forth new products every now and then”, says Madhura Sagar Valanj, Director, Hygeeias Foodsz. Sunny’s follows all the government norms for your health and safety too.