Sweetea: A Spectrum of Luxurious Teas & Allied Accessories

Prabakaran M,CEO
Prabakaran M, CEO

The brand that defined ‘Tea’ beyond refreshment, and established it as one of the healthy beverages, is Coimbatore-based Sweetea. Breathing a unique selling proposition of luxury with affordability, Sweetea, one of the emerging tea and related accessory brands is currently dealing with 50+ variegated., Poised between people and their sweet moments with tea, this small-scale firm is endeavouring to serve the right beverages to people with a elite quality in its unique way with wide range of healthy products – from common-Leaf Tea-Black tea, Green tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, CTC tea, Handmade organic Darjeeling tea, herbal tea, and Punch tea (fruit and spices blended) to Super Punch Tea (contain 190+ active ingredients). It also imports products like Blooming Tea, Japanese Green Tea Rooibos tea and many more to help people to deal with their day today stress and keeps them out of BP, LDL cholesterol, acidity, ulcer or any ailment stroke & cancer by enabling a healthy metabolism that’s much specialised for kids and pregnant women. Sweetea keeps
unveiling loads of flavours to satiate the senses of its customers to experience a real cup of elite tea and other products which keeps them engaged with their customers for repeated orders.

"As per the customer’s requirements, every single product at Sweetea is developed with handmade expertise and love in accordance with the pharmaceutical grade"

Humble Beginning
At his native place Elaiyur near Jayankondam across his home, Prabakaran M (CEO) started Sweetea in 2014 with only one product – Masala Tea though it made few of elite tea lovers to turn back faced a bit difficulty in cargo services from a remote. Which made him to explore more bought his business to Coimbatore in 2016 where his products pulled-up a huge tea lovers via his own website and user friendly Android app and made huge hit across shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Shopclues, and then introduced affordable variants of common tea focusing on the various aspects of people. Since then everyone of various classes got the chances to taste the Premium teas and herbal teas, then there came new varieties of herbal teas, as well as accessories for healthy and active families.

Prospective Products
As per the customer’s requirements, every single product at Sweetea is developed with handmade expertise and love in accordance with the
pharmaceutical grade. All these products are packed in environmental-friendly kraft paper pouches, Sweetea ensures to follow the same with accent on health benefits, customer Satisfaction, good taste, unique features with no artificial colours on any products.

The Future is Tasteful
Emphasizing on catering people of all age groups, Prabakaran claims, “We will be launching Sweetea SMART food products (Ready to eat & Ready to cook) suitable for all age groups, right from a six-month old baby to an 80-year old and even pregnant women, by leveraging unique technologies and methodologies in the market”. These food products also suitable for diabetic patient And easily digestible and friendly to gut and improve gut activity. Besides plans to launch 100+ varieties of tea and other beverages as well as Coffee, the firm is planning to upgrade up to 100 percent (currently 75 percent) of its products as organic products post making all the necessary arrangements with the farmers.

“In our mobile App we also bring interactive services to all the customers with friendly customer service as well. I suggest that entrepreneurs mainly from villages must be bestowed with proper support from the Government as well as the society in order to not lose hope and propel their business forward,” concludes Prabakaran.