SYS Aqua Impex: Supporting the Indian Shrimp Hatchery Industry with Exclusive Liquid Probiotics

D.Prabu,Managing Director


Managing Director

Modern shrimp farming commenced in India in the late 1980s, driven by a growing global appetite for shrimp, government policies to promote seafood exports and several corporate entities providing capital to build hatcheries, farms and processing plants. In India, Kakinada coast is the biggest shrimp larval producing industry in India.

D. Prabu, a graduate in Fisheries, started working at the Kakinada coast right after his completion of the course in 2000. He spent 11 years gathering extensive experience of the industry. In 2011, Mr. Prabu eventually started his own company called SYS Aqua Impex. Since inception, SYS Aqua Impex had started importing various post larval shrimp feeds, state-of-the-art liquid probiotics, and accessories. The firm continues to import the same on regular basis and has secured a good presence in the shrimp hatchery industry with a clientele encompassing Indian government hatcheries and research projects for the various species.

"Since 2011, we have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers (Importers) for the Shrimp Industry and all our range of exclusive products are well accepted in the market", says D.Prabu, Managing Director, SYS Aqua Impex.
Having worked for over a decade, when Mr. Prabu decided to start his own venture, he started to import smaller quantity of shrimp Larval feeds and probiotics from Bangkok, Thailand. Over the period of time, his firm gained the momentum and started to import in bigger quantities that are well accepted by the shrimp industry across India.

Currently, SYS Aqua Impex imports an exclusive range liquid Probiotic brand known as Novobiotic Plus. It is the only liquid probiotic which has been specially designed for the shrimp hatchery industry which can be used right from the maturation, stocking time and for the larval rearing. SYS Aqua Impex's liquid Probiotic Novobiotic Plus is the only multistrain bacterial product available in India. The firm also has Enviback powder probiotic in its product range.

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The methodology for the use of its liquid probiotic Novobiotic Plus is developed as multistrain bacteria it contains Bacillius spp, Lacto bacillus spp, Pediococcus spp, Saccharomyces spp and various other beneficial bacteria to enhance the quality. SYS Aqua Impex's products can be kept in normal room temperature and easy to maintain. Right from supplies (despatch) to all its customers Pan India, for every batch of supply, the marketing team at SYS Aqua Impex checks with individual customers' technical personnel to ascertain the quality and the performance of its products. This is important as it plays a crucial part with the water management and its parameters. It is SYS Aqua Impex's prime objective to find out that the technician does not face any problem during his Larval culture in the respective tanks.

Having reputed names in its clientele from Sapthagiri group of hatcheries, CP group of Hatchery India to Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) and Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture, SYS Aqua Impex is working towards adding new products to cater the shrimp Industry in order to strengthen its presence across the country.