Technosoft Engineering: Multidisciplinary Product Engineering Services Under One Roof

Girish Godbole,President & CEO

Girish Godbole

President & CEO

The ever evolving product engineering industry has always found its rhythm in cutting-edge innovations. Powered by futuristic technologies like IoT, the Global Product Engineering services market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 9.5 percent to reach approximately $1.52 trillion by 2025, while the main challenge remains the same - finding equilibrium between features & complexity of product, and cost & time of development. Unlike IT products, industrial and electronic product development faces several additional challenges, such as, cost optimization of components, designing for manufacture ability, and minimizing the cost of product manufacturing. These make it imperative for organizations to onboard an expert partner who provides everything from conceptualization to product development and IT solutions under one roof.

However, only a handful of companies encompass such a broad spectrum of capabilities. Founded in 1999 as an offshoot of Technocraft Industries (a heritage heavy industry manufacturing group), Technosoft Engineering excels in this field by offering a wide spectrum of Product Engineering services under one roof. These range from Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Design, and Product Development services (including medical devices) to IT services comprising of technical content management, and custom smartphone & cloud application development. Going one step ahead, Technosoft emphasizes strongly on delivering effective cost optimization by employing engineers experienced with all aspects of engineering & manufacturing processes, following strict design methodologies and processes devised by senior engineers, and implementing effective project management.

Once the sales team gathers high-level requirements from the customer, Technosoft kick starts the conceptualization process by getting a Project Manager and a Senior Engineer from each discipline (mechanical, hardware &
software) involved in product scoping discussions with the customer. A proposal is prepared including detailed product requirements, design concept, component sourcing strategy, design strategy, step-by-step time estimate for efforts required and project schedule. Once the customer approves the proposal, a Project Manager and engineering team are assigned, and the Product Development Life Cycle begins. Technosoft's engineering designs are further strengthened through its alliances with several consumer product researchers, industrial design companies, and FDA process experts. In addition to designing electronic products and medical devices, Technosoft leverages its strong heavy engineering background to deliver Product Development capabilities to machine manufacturers and industrial equipment/product manufacturers in various industries.

Technosoft emphasizes strongly on delivering effective cost optimization by employing engineers experienced with all aspects of engineering & manufacturing processes, following strict design methodologies & processes devised by senior engineers, and implementing effective project management

The Design & Development
Over the years, Technosoft has built a significant prowess in Industrial as well as Electronic Product Design & Development. Besides its industrial product design services that cover concept-to-prototype product engineering for special purpose machines, off-road vehicles, and equipment like valves, pumps & heat exchangers, Technosoft also provides its customers with specialized services such as Value Engineering and Reverse Engineering. As new technologies change the face of every industry, Technosoft has a robust focus on Electronics Product Design (EPD). “When it comes to EPD, we are flexible enough to provide anything from PCB Design, Embedded Systems Design, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) at low costs, to even Consulting Services for any aspect of the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC),” asserts Girish Godbole, President & CEO, Technosoft Engineering.
Recognizing the growth opportunities of EPD in medical devices as well as in consumer, telecom &IoT product segments, the company has set up a dedicated subsidiary, called Technosoft Innovations, under the able leadership of a recognized industry veteran, Krishnakumar Santhanam. Technosoft Innovations ( specializes in end-to-end New Product Development (NPD) for electronic products and medical devices. To enhance its in-house expertise in EPD, in 2016, the company also acquired a U.S. based engineering design company specialized in NPD.

Today, Technosoft Innovations offers a unique combination of three important elements to its EPD customers: multi disciplinary & state-of-the-art NPD capabilities under one roof, proto type manufacturing capabilities both from its U.S. & India based engineering centers, and an ISO 13485 certified design processes & support for its medical device customers to effectively file FDA 510(k) applications. The company’s strong medical devices portfolio incorporates a wide variety of FDA Class I & Class II medical devices including several monitoring and diagnostic devices, therapeutic devices,specialized sensors and imaging equipment.

Stretching the Capabilities
“We are looking forward to strengthening our Product Engineering offerings by increasing the capabilities to develop HIPAA compliant Smart Phone Apps for healthcare (on iOS& Android platforms) and Cloud-based applications for data acquisition, monitoring & mining,” adds Girish. Technosoft keeps its 400 people strong workforce ahead of the global trends through continuous trainings on latest tools and technologies, which has played a pivotal role in its success. Having built a strong customer base in the UKand the Midwestern & Eastern parts of the U.S., Technosoft today plans to expand geographically across the U.S., and in Canada and Europe.

Key Management
GirishGodbole, President & CEO
Girish is a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive with 30 years of experience in engineering services, engineering software, IT services, M&A advisory, and strategy consulting.

Offices: Mumbai(headquarters), Milwaukee and Raleigh (U.S.),Calgary(Canada)Birmingham (U.K.)and Karlsruhe(Germany)