TVS Supply Chain Solutions: Riding on Years of Experience to Serve the Best Solutions in SCM

R. Shankar,CEOIndian logistics industry is undergoing a transition with manufacturing gaining momentum, ongoing infrastructural developments and government initiatives. The government and the industry leaders are trying to bring down the logistics cost as a percentage of GDP by solving the untouched problems for an efficient and organized operation. The industry is largely fragmented and dominated by unorganized fleet owners and not so connected warehouses. It not only increases the amount of wastage but also increases the cost of logistic operations. Increasing customer expectations and the need to reduce cost in the stiff competition, OEMs are shifting their focus towards product development and increasing the list of customers by focusing only on core competencies. The shift in focus and the growth levers led to the development of end-to-end supply chain capabilities by 3PL logistics providers in the country.

In this constantly evolving environment, TVS Supply Chain Solutions(SCS)which had established a strong hold on Auto & Engineering logistics has spread its wings across various other sectors such as Electronics, Engineering, Consumers Goods, Technology,Glass, Defence, Aerospace as well.From pure warehousing and services, focus has been realigned to create
wider service portfolio with end-to-end turnkey and customised solutions.

Array of Offerings
With a broad Indian footprint in 29 states covering 10 million sq.ft. of warehousing space and a strong relationship with successful fleet owners for an efficient transport network, TVS SCS has been able to provide integrated logistics services across the entire nation. The hub remains the heart of TVS SCS in satisfying the customer requirements with state-of-the-art facilities by following highest safety standards.

The standard offering from TVS SCS acts as the base to convert basic warehousing and transportation contracts into value added contracts by additionally providing services

Supply Chain Complexity (SCC) is one of the most difficult problems in today’s global supply chains and assumed as the key impediment to business performance. The standard offering from TVS SCS acts as the base to convert basic warehousing and transportation contracts into value added contracts by additionally providing services like packaging, warehouse management systems, kitting, subassembly, inventory ownership and last mile delivery. TVS SCS has acquired companies with niche capabilities in international territories which has helped in unlocking the supply chain synergies. It offers end-to-end capability and specialist approach resulting in cross deployment of acquired niche capabilities from the developed markets to India.
TVS SCS’ operation promotes and follows green packaging returnable solutions to cut down carbon emissions against the one time packaging offerings. The Green supply chain solution provides more room for utilisation and usage of space not only in the vehicles during transit but also in the warehouse thereby reducing the logistics wastage.

With an advanced control tower, TVS SCS has centralized the operations and created visibility among the entire stakeholder list for calculated decision making and efficient operations. The implementation of IT systems like WMS aids in increasing theinventory accuracy level substantially. Subsequently, manpower resources and material handling equipment requirements are optimized with higher throughput time leading to reduced cost of logistic operations. Implementation of cloud based systems has helped TVS SCS by bringing scalable hardware with the latest version to accommodate clients irrespective of the complexity in a short period of time. With the implementationof business intelligence, reviews can be generated for a specific domain with data transparency and room for granular level discussion.

TVS SCS constantly focuses its efforts to identify areas of improvement through a range of review and analysis tools/ methods such as Caliper, ISO 9001, OHSAS, EMS, KAIZEN, Internal and external audits as well as other special audits. The company has been repeatedly recognised among the best 3PL companies in India by industry and customers through awards like CII Scale Awards, IMC RBNQA, IOCL’s Road Logistics Award for “Best Technology Adopter”, Chennai Logistics Leadership Awards and more for its operations, technology, end-to-end services and human resource practices.