Vedang Cellular Services: Introducing Cutting - edge Novel Telecom Technologies to Make India the Frontrunner of the Sector

Ashish kapoor, Director

Ashish kapoor


India, despite its low literacy rate, has surprised the world with its enthusiastic uptake and comfortable handling of smartphones. No body need to rate this market any lower in terms of readiness for emerging telecom technologies. Post the ‘Jio-revolution’, our country has shifted to top gear of telecom technology leverage, which ensued in 4G network roll out through the length and breadth of the subcontinent occurring in shut-eye time. Telecom operators owe their thanks to emerging tech-savvy telecom service providers such as Vedang Cellular Services Pvt. Ltd. (VCS, a Quess Corp Company), who made it possible by leveraging high-end technologies, inch-perfect planning and skillful execution. An organization that executed maximum number of RF activities in Samsung-RJIO rollout, VCS’s success stems from its investment in understanding critical aspects of a technology and utilizing the same to improve coverage, capacity & quality of today’s networks.In-house RF & Microwave Products design and development continues to provide additional insights into working of emerging and evolving technologies -5G is soon expected to launch commercially across the world, it’s not a surprise that VCS is a first choice with Operators and OEMs with its passion of introducing new technologies, while they’re still new.

A Strong Base is what it takes to Serve Better
Network Planning never works without great strategies and forward thinking. Predominantly into Network Roll out Services and Managed Services, VCS is betting high on tackling the challenges such as adaption of latest technologies, coverage, capacity, and maximizing the value of existing network resources through its forward planning methodologies that allow significant provision for future-innovative technologies. Nevertheless, starting from flawless Network Planning, Optimization, Implementation & Commissioning to managing Network KPIs, providing In-Building Solutions and even handling Network Complaints, it encrusts the entire Network Roll out spectrum by standing firm on its strong technical background, which the company curated over the years through its close-knit engagement with some of the prestigious Telecom Operators (such as Tata Teleservices, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, MTNL & Aircel), Base Station Equipment Manufacturers (like Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung & HUAWEI) and Managed Services Partners. Furthermore, the company also proffers best of the breed managed services, where the promise lies on raising productivity through improved strategy, quality, efficiency and cost reduction across clients’ total workforce.

“We not only understand our customer’s requirements and always ensure good quality delivery, but also support them with trial of new features and latest technologies ahead of others, and that gives us a competitive edge,” proclaims B C Bhardwaj, Managing Director, VCS. In fact, one of the harsh pain points of customers surfaces after the roll out of new sites – the need for optimization of the to ensure that the required call quality and data speeds are achieved. Having a strong team of Drive Test and Optimization Engineers, VCS carves a hassle-free
pathway for its clients by ensuring that all new sites are introduced in the network only after thorough test cases and meeting the set KPIs, which mitigates the customer complaints phenomenally. Well, even after commencing the network’s operations, the operators often scratch their head in virtue of sudden requirement of additional teams to treat the spikes of site’s additional volume. But VCS’ customers are never exposed to such predicament, as the company makes sure that it takes up volume of business with multiple customers in the same geography, which assists it in gathering teams in short, notice.

We not only understand our customer’s requirements and always ensure good quality delivery, but also support them with trial of new features and latest technologies ahead of others, and that gives us a competitive edge

Sincere efforts never go unnoticed. VCS over the years has brought home several awards like ‘Most Agile Partner’ by Nokia and recognitions including a nomination for ‘CNBC Emerging India Awards’. “Besides our strong technical background, knowledge of new technologies, and proven track record of good quality services, the extremely efficient internal processes led by our proficient and focused middle management team that has a hunger for growth in its DNA, plays a pivotal role in bringing success to our customers, and in turn building long lasting bonds,” asserts Ashish Kapoor, CEO & Director, VCS.

Expanding Capabilities
On the other hand, the commanders of VCS – Bhardwaj, Ashish and Satish Kumar (Director) who bring in more than 70+ years of cumulative experience into the company have been a matchless asset, and their deep know-how plays an instrumental role in rolling out flawless network infrastructure. For instance, served in leading positions with top telecom operators, Bhardwaj has designed, implemented and optimized large wireless networks of Delhi and Mumbai for Bharti Airtel in the past, and he has also designed, developed & executed a high power transmitter system for MST Radar, in addition to successfully implementing the RF & Electronics part of 15 MeV Linear Accelerator machine for Medical & Industrial applications.

Incepted VCS in 2010, the trio has also ventured a couple more companies – Vedang Radio Technology and Vedang Advanced Radio Electronic Systems (VARESYS). Today, Vedang Radio shines as a key player in design, development and manufacture of RF & Microwave Products (like Repeaters, Combiners & Diplexers) for Commercial Telecom and Defence Applications, and thus helping VCS to underline its quality statements. On the flip side, VARESYS - a subsidiary of Vedang Radio, carries out Research & Development in the field of Defence Communications and Electronic Warfare.

A Matchless Workforce is Success Assured

Working at heights still being one of the biggest causes of worker fatality and major injuries all around the world, Vedang Group is home to over 1600 skilled engineers and it strictly maintains the health & safety precautions with right procedures, right skills and the best equipment available in the world, ensuring people are not harmed at any cost. As a young organization with a keen focus on technical knowledge and quality, VCS
believes in training resources on new technologies & features and supporting customers with on field trials will ensure additional business volume. “We invest a lot of time in internal process improvement and training. We also have an in house application in place, which not only tracks employee-attendance, assets and daily work done, but also ensures that the management team is always updated with automated reports on their workforce availability, customer site allocations, health & safety status, revenue clocked and costs incurred,” adjoins Bhardwaj.

The old saying, when you take care of your employees, they take care of your business, is in synonym with VCS’ story. The agile & skillful workforce that possess deep understanding of the B2B telecom service market, and ability to innovate and roll out new services have driven the company into a phenomenal revenue escalation since its inception. En route to the future, remaining on the same track of managed services and LTE roll out, VCS will foray more into smart city deployment and data analytics. With futuristic developments like 5G, IoT and smart Energy Management taking the charge, telecom companies are transforming themselves into platforms of opportunities, and VCS with its proven execution capabilities, deep knowledge of the sector, and scalable infrastructure, is all set to widen its horizon in the near future.

Quess Corp (BSE: 539978, NSE: QUESS) has very recently signed an agreement to acquire a majority shareholding in Vedang Cellular. Established in 2007, Quess Corp is India’s leading integrated business services provider. Based out of Bengaluru, Quess today has a Pan-India presence with 65 offices across 34 cities along with overseas footprint in North America, the Middle East and South East Asia. It serves over 1700+ customers across four segments namely, Global Technology Solutions, People & Services, Integrated Facility Management and Industrials. Quess has over 212,000 employees (including Manipal Integrated Services and Terrier Security Services) and market cap of over Rs.11,551 Crores as on September 30, 2017. Ashish Kapoor, the current CEO of Vedang Cellular would continue to be the CEO of the company post this investment by Quess Corp into Vedang Cellular.

Key Management:
B.C. Bharadwaj, Managing Director
Chairman of the board, Bharadwaj heads the Strategy, R&D and Business Development. A technology wizard, he has 30+ years of work experience in the field of wireless telecom network design, operations and management, alongside the core research & development experience in the field of Microwave and RF systems.

Ashish Kapoor, CEO & Director
Offering young and dynamic leadership to the services business of Vedang Group, Ashish has over 19 years of experience in the cellular industry spanning across network design, operations & maintenance, optimization and building solutions.

Satish Kumar, Director
Bringing in an experience of more than 22 years in the fields of Finance, Accounts, Factory Administration, Logistics and Sales & Marketing, Satish heads the Operations, Finance, Marketing and Administration. He is well versed with the procedures for formation of companies, setting-up new plants and designing commercial systems & processes.

• Network Planning
• Network Optimization
• Installation and Commissioning
• Operations & Maintenance
• In-Building Solutions

Headquarter: Mumbai