Plus 91: Connecting The Unconnected Via Creativity

Ashok Kumar,Founder & CEO

Ashok Kumar

Founder & CEO

Brands need a video marketing strategy - that’s an understatement. Video has become more important on every platform and channel. Video is no longer just one piece of your overall marketing plan. It's the epicentre to a business’ outreach and campaign efforts, especially to its social strategy. It is fair to say that video has absolutely dominated social. According to a recent HubSpot Research report, four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch video are social channels. 2016 saw a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. 2017 saw video rise to the top of the marketing tactic list. Video as a tactic was likely streamlined by any creative team as a one-to-many awareness play, with lots of focus on expensive production and little analysis to show for it. 2018 transformed video from a singular marketing tactic to an entire business strategy. And now in 2019, we already know that video can take a business to new heights. Few video production houses in India have borne the torch for this marketing strategy’s roar. One exclusive company being Plus 91!

Plus 91 Ultimate Cinema is an ad film production house in Chennai providing full scale marketing and advertising services. Led by a bunch of creative people who transform ideas into being, Plus 91’s motive is to connect the unconnected through creativity. At Plus 91 Ultimate Cinema, the power of the visual medium is harnessed to tell stories about a Business to the people. “We take your business right to the people and help them in making better decisions regarding their needs. We tend to create a perfect platform to turn the spotlights on you so that people will come forward towards your business”, comments Ashok Kumar, Founder & CEO, Plus 91.

"The company envisages a clear strategy in line with the message, the business wants to convey to its audience"

Plus 91 Ultimate Cinema is an ad film production house providing full scale Firm Stories, Ad films making, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Advertising services. Our motive is to connect the unconnected through creativity. Our creative team has several key members and in short, we are a bunch of creative people who transform ideas into being.

Plus 91 was founded by Ashok Kumar. Ashok Kumar is having a stunning experience of close to three decades, including a decade of experience in Kuwait Oil fields. Over this span of time, he has been a part of various reputed establishments like ONGC, Baker Hughes, etc.

Talented Leadership
Despite having his roots in Engineering, Ashok Kumar is inclined towards film and video making out of sheer passion. Right from the beginning, he has wanted to promote young and new age talents in film making and looks forward to providing the ideal stage and support. He has dedicated his life towards this noble cause and established this company with a vision to add value to both the clients and the talented professionals. He drives the organization and gets the best out of his team.

One other key member of the firm is LGR Saravanan, Creative Head for Plus 91. Saravanan is a B.E., EEE graduate from Anna University and has progressed towards film making post the completion of D.F.Tech from the L.V. Prasad Institute, followed by B.F.T from IIT, Madras. Apart from many International film festivals and competitions,
he has been a part of “Naalaya Iyakunar” Season IV, a reality show for budding directors to showcase their film making talents and has achieved the title ‘Runner Up’in the finals. In the show, standing apart from his competitors, he delivered quality short films featuring seasoned actors at every stage and never compromised on the technical aspects and treated every project like a feature film. His quality of doing customization in the production plan based on the clients’ need and budget made him a better-known face in this line of business. Tamil actress Aachi Manorama, well known for her versatility and variety of roles depicted on screen, last acted in ‘Thaaye Nee Kannurangu’ as a Cancer Patient and the mother of actor Srikanth, directed by LGR Saravanan.

Plus 91 has portrayed a dynamic performance in the realm of video marketing strategies

The duo has led the production house to its dynamic success over the years.

Handholding Clients Right through their Marketing Endeavour
Plus91 approaches every project with a clear checklist that demands to be checked. The team of experts at Plus 91 has established a unique chronological way of executing things which is adhered to come what may. This has played a key factor in driving excellence and achieving the overall objective of client’s project. The team begins with meeting the client and closely understanding the client’s requirements. This is followed by analyzing the target audience, competitors approach and preparing a strategy that will fetch better ROIs. The important aspect is then to prepare the right script or storyboard. The production is scheduled and the budget is looked upon to avoid any bottlenecks during production. The team edits the video to its perfect pitch that can deliver the right message in the right manner. The job is not over, because Plus 91 also cares about where the video is showcased. Handholding the client right from ideation to marketing has been Plus 91’s key element. There fore, suggesting the best platform to showcase the created video is also taken care of.

“When we say visual medium, we are not creating anything that will be just one among those 1000 videos your competitors had already thought of. We create a stronger brand presence exclusively for your business by making things stand out. Innovation is the axle that runs a day in our office and it is our way of living. We are constantly inventing something and aligning our production in line with the latest technology to add more value to our clients”, explains LGR Saravanan, Creative Director, Plus 91.

Versatility is the Key
Plus 91 delivers its creativity rich services to various forms of video marketing. At Plus 91, the team explores the constructive impact of advertisements. Developing potential strategies to create a strong realm for any brand, stands as the organization’s primary vision. Plus 91 makes sure to arrive at a script that will go well with the client’s target audience and the product/service that the client wants to promote. Post that, the Plus 91 team takes care of the advertisement from the start to finish and also beyond. Like mentioned earlier, hand holding the client from ideation to execution!

The team works closely with the business at every step of the stage to make sure it is delivering exactly what is expected of them. Every stage of production is handled by Plus 91’s in-house teams who have years of relevant experience in making the client's vision to come true.

For corporate films, Plus 91 specializes in building from ground zero. The company envisages a clear strategy in line with the message, the business wants to convey to its audience. “We ignite those ideas up during our brainstorming sessions with our in-house professionals. It opens up multiple pathways to deliver the assignment in a much efficient manner, so that it will garner public attention”, says Ashok.

Demonstrating versatility in its operations, Plus 91 also carries expertise in documentaries.

As is documentaries serve a different purpose all together. Most likely, explaining the real life situations, explaining the polarized outcome of an incident, and detailed study of anything, etc. With the award winning creative director on-board, and a Genius bright mind like Ashok driving Plus 91, producing bold and groundbreaking films that stand out as the prime example of cutting edge documentary making, is a treat. Within a short time, Plus 91 has established a stronger foothold in bringing a fresh take to challenging and moving stories. “We offer our complete support to your unique vision and help you round the clock to make it a solid reality”, adds Ashok.

Plus 91 has portrayed a dynamic performance in the realm of video marketing strategies. The company has also been enlisted in the top 100 Marketing & Advertising Companies and will be felicitated at MADcon ‘19 summit in Le Meridien, Dubai. Having read through Plus 91’s feats, it is highly recommended to visit the firm’s website to comprehend its excellent creativity and technically sound works. The videos showcased in the website speak volumes of Plus 91’s creative mind. It is only a matter of time before this production house becomes a global phenomenon painting the marketing world with brightest colours of startling videos.