Voxturrlabs: Digital Transformation & Brand Building for Business Impact

Technology dependent start ups and enterprises are building products that need validity, adaptability and impact. This is where a development company like Voxturrlabs comes in, to change the way businesses build products and function. Their User First approach and processes are designed to create business impact and meet the client's business objectives.

Inception Story
Founded in 2018, Voxturrlabs is a digital transformation agency located in Gurugram, Haryana. They have the expertise in the technology to deliver a wide range of services including MVP Development, Web Development, App Development, SaaS Development, Enterprise Software development, e-commerce Development, Marketplace Building, DevOps and Cloud Services, and UI/UX Design for businesses. Voxturrlabs' parent company is named Voxturr which means “Growth” in a different language.

At Voxturr, while working on startup projects, the team realized that there is a dire need for a Product Market Fit analysis when developing products for an external audience. Most of the startups that came to Voxturr were either built without thorough market research or a product market fit plan or even an understanding of the market inception strategy.

Voxturrlabs was created as a solution to these problems! “Our mission and vision are to help businesses create products that are relevant, scalable, and secure. We want to help them launch products within a competitive time frame and avail the first mover advantage”, says Gaurav Lakhani, Co-Founder at Voxturrlabs.

Voxturrlabs People, Tech & Approach
Voxturrlabs has continued to stay at the top of its game in the industry by adopting a culture of internal growth.

They encourage people and invest in their

skills, by providing them opportunities to experiment with new concepts and work on a wide range of live projects.

Expertise in cutting-edge technology helps Voxturrlabs keep up with changing industry standards. Best in class tech and a high business acumen team help Voxturrlabs stay ahead of the game! They’re equipped to work with the latest technologies & tools, like Metaverse, IoT, Blockchain, AI, and Facial Recognition.
Gaurav Lakhani,  Co-Founder
The user first approach is an integral part of Voxturrlabs, and the impact it makes is evident in their client’s experiences. Every task & every decision is 100 percent dependent on the client’s end goal and objectives.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to build digital products and build a company that adds value to the system

The secret to Voxturrlabs' success is its unique approach to managing its projects. To back this up, Gaurav shares two case studies, where in the first case, the company served a Fintech startup with MVP development. They were not only able to build and test the product through multiple phases, but also delivered the results way within the estimated budget. This client chose Voxturrlabs over the other players in the market due to its unique & process oriented approach.

Voxturrlabs also built a futuristic e-commerce platform for a women's clothing line, using cutting-edge technology and staying within their time & budget constraints.

This user first approach is going to be the focal point of Voxturrlabs’ future roadmap, with the goal of scaling big and scaling fast in the next few years! The company currently caters to US and UK clients and plans to expand to UAE and Australia very soon!