ComePost: A Go -To Brand Renowned For Effective Waste Management And Recycling Services

Ninad Powar,  Founder

Ninad Powar


Our country generates approximately 62 million tons of garbage per year from which roughly 43 million tons is collected annually, out of this, 11.9 million tons of collected waste is treated and the remaining 31 million tons is disposed off in landfills. With the current growth rate in manufacturing and domestic consumption, India’s total waste production is set to increase from its current annual rate of 62 million tons to a whopping 162 million tons by 2030. By 2025, the Indian garbage industry is also expected to offer a business opportunity of USD 14 billion which will undoubtedly unlock new business avenues in the waste treatment industry. With its impressive growth opportunity, there is huge potential in this industry.

While in India, we don’t give much importance to waste management, however, with the government taking various initiatives, the people have slowly yet steadily started to become more aware of the importance of waste management and the municipalities as well are taking various measures to deal with this issue.

Established in the year 2017, ComePost was set up with a vision to contribute towards the national ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. With buildings, hospitals and other commercial places releasing more than 100 Kgs of waste which needs to be processed either in their own premises or they have to get it done. With ComePost, the firm aspires to give a proper solution to its clients regarding waste management.

"To ensure the best services, come post always makes sure that they are constantly updated with the latest technological advancements and the various happenings of the industry"

“While our inception objective was clear, during the early days, we were not aware of the solutions and were not even having an R&D team as well. The compost and all the machines and tools we used to get were mostly from outside parties. There was a lot of false marketing happening when it comes to machineries but soon after inception, we not only formed an R&D team but also started making our own machines that helped us to offer the best to our clients”, says Ninad Powar, Founder, ComePost.

Quick enough to work towards its objectives,ComePost approached Municipal Corporation of Mumbai mentioning the institutions which have more than 100 kg of waste but don’t have the space to process this waste, how ComePost can help in such scenario. “Once we got the permission to set up a plant so that we can process their waste. The buildings that have space but don’t have a clear idea to set up a waste processing plant, we give them viable plans so that they can process their own waste. We tell them that we will take the waste to our facility and we will process it from there. This was the best solution that our clients had ever received in terms of waste management.
Rather than processing the waste in their own facility, we help them by taking the waste to our facility”, shares Ninad.

A Powerhouse of Waste Management Solutions
ComePost has numerous waste management services such as picking up the waste from its clients (transportation) bringing it to the facility and processing it. The wet waste is then treated into compost and the dry waste is treated in the facility where the plastics are made into biodiesel which is then sold recyclable waste to recognized companies. Whatever percentage of waste that cannot be broken down or recycled, it is given to the landfill and ComePost ensures that the landfill is done scientifically. Speaking further Ninad adds, “At first, we were only creating and supplying machineries to our clients but now we have understood that the clients are not masters in dealing with waste management. Hence, we started stepping up in this regard. Now, we have designed our machines in such a way that it can easily deal with the various types of waste that are being dumped. In 2017, we started making machineries and soon we saw the market and our clients, this is when we decided to set up our own plant and started treating approx 300 metric tons of waste in Mumbai.”

With buildings, hospitals and other commercial places releasing more than 100 kgs of waste which needs to be processed either in their own premises or they have to get it done, comepost aspires to give a proper solution to its clients regarding waste management

Today, ComePost no longer uses the machinery which it used to give to its clients. The company is now running a project that focuses on waste segregation machines and ComePost has this entire thing set up that allows seamless operations from the time the waste is brought to their plants to the point where the end-products are made from those wastes. Their de-polymerization plant treats non-recyclable wastes and this machine makes oil out of it which is known as biodiesel. “Today, there are many companies that use false marketing strategies for the various machineries and allied tools needed in the industry. As a result, waste management is not carried out in a proper way. We believe that each and every person in this country needs to play their part to realize the dream of ‘Swachh Bharat’. People don’t have a clear idea of what needs to be done and through what ways it can be done. With ComePost, we aspire to make sure that we use the most suitable machineries and we also ensure that waste management is done in the best way possible”, states Ninad.

Striving towards Cleaner India
Dealing with all kinds of waste ComePost is also going to make electricity out of it using biogas plant. The firm ensures that each and every type of waste is processed in an optimal manner. Currently working with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Mumbai International Airport, and many other various reputed hospitals other institutions, ComePost not only manages waste but also sells its products such as compost which are processed up to 45 days before being sold.

To ensure the best services, ComePost always makes sure that they are constantly updated with the latest technological advancements and the various happenings of the industry. The skilled officials visit new plants all over the country and ask them the details about the plant. Gather a lot of information from them has helped ComePost in reducing the number of mistakes or glitches in its operations. The firm conducts regular training programs and does various innovations in terms of the technology and machinery used. Also, with its strong R&D team, ComePost constantly brings in various technologies into its operations that give them better results and helps us to improve.

Recording positive growth rate since inception, recently ComePost has also come up with a new plant that sits at 2.5 acres. Currently vesting its focus on working in the Mumbai zone, the company is simultaneously preparing to spread its wings across other parts of the country. “We are looking forward to seeing each and every household, institutions, businesses, malls and all the others to process their waste and the waste should not be piled up in a dumping yard. We want to help the smaller municipalities and ensure that their waste is processed in the right manner. We would like to manufacture and supply our machineries to various municipalities and we also plan to include new mechanisms into it. We are upgrading to eco-friendly vehicles and with the help of our R&D team, we are also planning to improve the efficiency of our services in the years to come”, signs off Ninad.